SoftGroup’ solutions with the highest assessment from the Executive Director of the Russian CRPT


SoftGroup is a proud recipient of the highest assessment from the General Director of the Russian CRPT

– Mr. Dmitrii Alhazov, and the respective Project Manager of Pharma project CRPT – Mr. Grigoriy Mileshkin.






On official meeting which took place in Sofia, Bulgaria where the main topic was the stage of readiness of Bulgarian companies to meet the forthcoming regulations and requirements for the Russian market Mr. Alhazov and Mr. Mileshkin share their observation and recommendations.


SoftGroup’s representatives presented the software solutions which allow meeting the regulations in Russia and guarantee a permanent connection with the IS MDLP system (the Chestny ZNAK Track & Trace System) as well as the full list of required reports to MDLP, Russian regulatory and the customs. The provided technology covers the communication with all stakeholders (as MAHs, Manufacturers, CMOs, Importers, Wholesalers, 3PLs, etc.), part of the serialization process, with a complex solution. Additionally, SoftGroup ensures secured communication among business partners in pharmaceutical manufacturing.


We are thankful to be rated with this high rank for the all-in-one and user-friendly serialization and aggregation solution we provide for all pharmaceutical companies operating in Russia and Europe.


If the Russian pharmaceutical market is one of the markets you operate, we will be glad to demonstrate our readiness and to share our experience with you.