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[Blog] Level 3 Serialization software: On-premise or Cloud-based? What to choose?

Discover the types of serialization software and choose the right solution for your business.


The implementation of the serialization solution has arisen many additional questions within the pharma manufacturers, CMOs and other participants in the supply chain.

One of the main challenges that SMEs in the pharmaceutical industry facing is to find what fits their business model mostly.

The Cloud-based software (SaaS) for serialization data management on-site level is considered as an alternative to the software with an on-premise installation that has the tag name “Traditional model”.

Lately, many small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies we talk about are considering SaaS as their first choice for Level 3 serialization software. Therefore, we decided to place on the spotlight the 5 biggest differences between the Centralized serialization management system – Site Controller installed on-premise and it’s alternative – Cloud-Based Level 3 serialization software.


The role of the IT team

The first steps may become a serious crash on the costs and the investment should be well estimated. That is why as a starting point we usually ask our customers do they have a qualified IT team to rely on through the whole process.

On one hand, the traditional model with the on-premise installation of the software is more suitable for large pharmaceutical companies. The reason is the availability of people resources as well as the existing technical environment. On the other hand, for companies with smaller productions hiring additional personnel could raise the costs significantly on a yearly basis.


Starting investment

Next in the list are the Initial costs for the investment. In the scenario of the Traditional model with on-site installation, the businesses need to build the server, install the application and configure it. The internal IT team should take care of all processes’ execution – software license costs, patching, updates of the software, database overload monitoring, etc. The on-premise option has no annual fee.

On the other hand, the Cloud-based software does not require such a starting investment. since it usually resides in a shared environment where the software license costs are low compared with the traditional model. Vis-a-vis the on-premise installation, the Cloud-based software has maintenance costs which include the software usage fee as well as all updates according to the respective regulators.


Scalability and integration

The Cloud base software ensures easer coordination among the counterparties within the business network. SaaS solutions reside in a cloud environment that is scalable and has integration with other SaaS offerings. Comparing with the on-premise installation, users do not have to buy another server. They only need to enable additional enhancements.

Despite the Cloud-based software, the Traditional model allows the solution to be fully adapted according to specifics of the business.


New releases (upgrades)

The cloud-based software solution provides an upgrade of the solution and it becomes available for all customers. Costs and effort associated with upgrades and new releases are lower than the traditional model that usually forces the user to buy an upgrade package and install it or pay for specialized services to get the environment upgraded.


Cut off time

Different from the traditional model, in Cloud-based serialization software the first phase (installment and configuration) takes less time thanks to the remote activation. This keeps the costs to a minimum and it is a serious advantage regarding the extraordinary world’s situation.

Still wondering what type of Level 3 serialization software will fit mostly to your business?

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