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[Webinar]: Tips of the iceberg in pharmaceutical serialization


Learn everything you always wanted to know about printing technology, printers, and printing cartridges


A problem with the supplementing equipment in pharmaceutical manufacturing can sometimes be the tip of the iceberg.

With more than a year after the Falsified Medicines Directive came effective in Europe and many different client’s cases with all their specifics behind the back, SoftGroup will share the hands-on experience and guide you through all you need to know about printing challenges that have come up with the serialization.



You will learn:


  • What are the printing technologies perfectly-fitting for serialization needs?
  • Which are the most used brands for this purpose?
  • The role of printing cartridges and how to get a lower rejection rate while serializing
  • Tips and Tricks for maximum utilization of your printing system
  • Hands-on experience: All you wanted to learn from a serialization printing guru.


Ask Your Questions


Besides the webinar’s video recording is available on-demand, you can ask your questions at any time. SoftGroup’s experts will clarify any of the issues surrounding the printing technologies, printers, and printing cartridges.. Send your questions at the


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