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[Press Release] SoftGroup Becomes One of The First Revalidated Official Integrators of Software and Trusted Solution Partner with Russia’s CRPT

17th February 2021


SoftGroup, the best in class end-to-end traceability technology provider in the CEE region, today announced that has been recertified as an official trusted partner and software integrator of Russia’s Center for Research in Perspective Technologies (CRPT) after a revalidation process of all listed providers.


The revalidation process is part of an initiative from Russia’s National Track and Trace Digital System. The CRPT is a public-private partnership that manages Russia’s National Track and Trace Digital System, also known as Chestny ZNAK.


During an online meeting between members of SoftGroup’s software engineers’ team and CRPT representatives were demonstrated the SoftGroup’s full-stack traceability solution and functional capabilities of SoftGroup® SaTT system. After internal evaluation from CRPT, SoftGroup has been notified that it had revalidated its status as a trusted partner for providing traceability solutions for both pharmaceutical companies – residents of the Russian Federation and foreign organizations. Therefore, the company will continue to be listed as an official partner and integrator of software, on the website of Chestny Znak.


SoftGroup CEO Venelin Dimitrov said the success with the revalidation from CRPT was the natural result of the hard work of our software engineers’ team. “We are very proud to be one of the very first supply chain solution providers with active revalidation. It all comes from the quality of our solutions, the knowledge and deep understanding of software development, and track and trace processes,” said Mr. Dimitrov. “We know the regulations inside and out. Moreover, we understand how to contribute to customers’ success without harmful changes in their existing production processes while ensuring they’re fully compliant with Russia’s strict regulations.”


To learn more about SoftGroup® SaTT solutions and see how SoftGroup provides pharmaceutical companies, operating on the Russian market with outstanding flexibility and the possibility for customization while eliminating the uncertainty of high costs and time-extensive implementations, please contact the company’s track and trace experts.


About SoftGroup


SoftGroup is a software company that provides end-to-end traceability technology to the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. Our solutions cover all levels of the Track & Trace process, including aggregation processes in pharmaceutical manufacturing.


SoftGroup is a Certified Gateway Provider and Trusted partner of the European Medicine Verification Organization (EMVO) and Bulgarian Medicine Verification Organization (BgMVO) and a trusted partner of GS1 Healthcare.


SoftGroup is a recipient of several prestigious awards for quality and innovation in the CEE region, applying cutting-edge technologies to ensure its customers with the most agile solutions up to their serialization and aggregation needs.