explanation what stands for l1-l5 serialization solution provider

[Blog] What stands for the L1-L5 serialization solution provider?

Updated: 5th March 2021


L1 -L5 serialization solution – what actually is included in the end-to-end track and trace solution?


In fact, this is jargon from the highly technical field of supply chain management. Here is the simplest explanation with less jargon. Moreover, what makes SoftGroup the best choice for all your track and trace needs?


Level 1


Level 1 or “Device-level” includes hardware for serialization and aggregation.


Level 1 by SoftGroup:


Serialization and Tamper evidence hardware solutions

Different options for manual/semi-automatic/automatic – bundle, case and pallet aggregation

Flexibility & Compatibility to Different Vendors solutions


Level 2


Level 2 belongs to the Line software for serialization and aggregation that manages your Level 1 hardware on the packaging line.


Level 2 by SoftGroup:


Line serialization software – fully customizable single package print layout

Line aggregation software – fully customizable case and pallet label layout

Intuitive interface, easy to operate

Easy connection with ANY existing Level 3 system (vendor-neutral)

Provides all required templates for US, EU, RU, AU, NZ, and other markets


Level 3


Level 3 comes for the Site software for the management of the serialization process on the production line(s).


Level 3 by SoftGroup:


Site management software – a complete solution for managing whole plant production and preparing serialization data for reporting to National and International Authorities.

High-availability cloud service (no infrastructure costs, no IT-related investments & burdens) – we manage the whole connection between levels 1-2 and levels 4-5

Fully compliant with requirements and standards for US, EU, RU, AU, NZ and other markets

Possibility for an on-premise installation


Level 4


A Level 4 is a system that enables management of all serialization and regulatory data within your business partners (outside the enterprise).


Level 4 by SoftGroup:


 A secure connection between the Site management system and ANY level 5 solution

Аlso, perfect fit for companies communicating with multiple Level 5 providers

Integration with 3rd party systems (ERP, WMS, other vendors)

Reporting: Smart Customized Internal & External Reports

Capability to connect to the National System & Authorities



Level 5


Level 5 belongs to the communication above the enterprise enabling secured serialization data exchange with the authorities.


Level 5 by SoftGroup:


Complete vendor-neutral cloud solution for reporting serialization/aggregation data to the National Authorities

Certified partner of EU Authority (EMVO) and Accredited Solution Provider to the Russian system (OMS & MDLP)

Automatic conversion, processing, reporting, and verification of data from any vendor

Multi-site one-cost service for clients with multiple production facilities

One-click solution: Auto-upload and auto-publish of serialization data

Reporting Services: customized and detailed internal reports


Let’s talk about your pharmaceutical production processes so we can propose an appropriate serialization option on how to meet compliance requirements, track your products, and increase business value.


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