fully automated packaging line

[Case study]: Fully automated packaging line with Track & Trace solution for Phytopharm By Romaco and SoftGroup

Fully automated packaging line with Track & Trace solution by Romaco and SoftGroup – a winning combination between high-efficient hardware and highly reliable software.


The modern facility of Phytopharm reaches its high-volume production goals by introducing high levels of process automation on a plant level involving innovative software technologies and the most advanced equipment available. To become compliant with the most complex Track & Trace requirements so far (the Russian regulations), Phtyopharm Klęka S.A. equips its production with a fully automated packaging line with Track & Trace solution by Romaco and SoftGroup – a winning combination between high-efficient hardware and highly reliable software.


Full set of Automations for maximum efficiency


Implementing high automation levels of manufacturing and packaging processes was considered as one of the highest priorities of the Senior Management of Phytopharm Klęka S.A. The company has opted for a fully automated production and packaging line with serialization and aggregation to maintain the highest possible throughput. This highly specific demand has been achieved with minimum footprint by choosing the equipment of ROMACO and software by SoftGroup.

This combination ensures Phytopharm with a complete non-aseptic liquid filling, capping, labeling, cartoning, and case packing line for
syrups by Romaco (automatic bottle depacker, Blower section machine, Macofar LF 200 Liquid filler and capper, labeling machine and Promatic PC 4250 continuous motion cartoning machine, and PAK 320 fully automated case packer) and serialization and aggregation software for management of the data on all levels (machine, packaging, site, enterprise, network) by SoftGroup.



Project essentials


For achieving the complex modernization was established integration into the fully automated Romaco packaging line with zero effect on its current architecture, capacity, efficiency. Meanwhile, a customized ERP integration was in place for ensuring an automated connection to SoftGroup® SaTT software as well as an automated export to the customer’s warehouse system. Despite the fast-changing Russian Track & Trace requirements in 2020, and up to date with the latest regulations, cryptographic protection codes request/receive/import/report process was established via SoftGroup® SaTT Cloud solution, connected to OMS and MDLP systems.

The 2D Data Matrix with necessary higher hardware and software requirements for printing and verification was set with verification of dynamic elements using Romaco and SoftGroup’s camera vision systems simultaneously. Additionally, the company was provided with a fully automated aggregation solution with Russian 2D codes and automated label printing.
Despite the intuitive and high functionality software, by choosing SoftGroup, the Phytopharm management team requests also customized
reports that can facilitate the monitoring of the business processes for smarter decisions.


Read the full customer success story here.


case study about the fully automated packaging line with Track & Trace solution by SoftGroup
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