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[Webcast]: Serialization & Aggregation – Understand your serialization options

Discover the key role of fully automated integration for the Pharma industry!




Does your business suffer from undelivered promises as fully automated integration? What about plan “B”?


We are pleased to invite you to listen to the webcast “Understand your serialization options”, where you will have the opportunity to discover which are the benefits and key features of integration, which influence the whole process of serialization and Track and Trace.

You know how important is the role of fully automated integration for the Pharma industry – be aware and check the possibilities for plan “B”!


Available after: 22 April 2021


Language: English




Webcast Essentials


  What are the most common problems that pharmaceutical companies have to overcome so far?

  What to watch out for when you choosing your serialization vendor?

  How SoftGroup works

  SoftGroup’s proposal for better protection of your production efficiency





Anatoli Gochkov


Anatoli is an extremely enthusiastic, dedicated, and results-driven Sales Manager with over 13 years of demonstrated success in gaining market share through the implementation of sales strategies. He has a strong work ethic and the ability to build lasting client relationships. Consistently succeeds in developing comprehensive strategies to position products, pricing, and marketing to achieve targeted sales growth, while maintaining corporate and brand integrity.



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