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[Blog] Serialization vs. Pharma industry

The most common challenges in front of the participants of the supply chain



In the end of Q2, we look at the challenges for pharma industry regarding serialization. The serialization requirements are “the new normal” for the supply chain participants. According to the specific market researches, in the begging of the year the serialization is accompanied by several crucial challenges. On the basis of them and an unofficial survey, SoftGroup outlined the top 5 of them.



#1 Diverse regulations


There are different Medicine Verification system with different requirements for the different markets. The use of the word “different” 3 times gives the hint how legalese the situation is for the supply chain participants. In addition, the process can be defined as a “time-sensitive”, because among other things all these regulations have different time range for execution and the deadlines are pushing ahead. These factors create the need for a well-thought-out and planned strategy for smooth process of transition, which does not affect the production efficiency.


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#2 Integration


From our experience, we concluded that the integration is the second most common challenge in front of the clients who are working on serialization implementation. As seamless is the integration as unaffected is the production. But the process is complex and includes integration with software systems at all levels, various types of technologies (printers; tagging; readers) as well as with the production machines. This is the reason why SoftGroup put “the integration” as one of the main pillars in the company`s vision for successful solution.


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#3 Aggregation


When you are ready with the serialization, it comes the aggregation. Do this sound familiar to you? As we like to say “The aggregation is the next logical step after serialization”. But, as it is time-efficient, meanwhile is challengeable for the line efficiency. On one hand, the issue with the aggregation is related with the selection of the right type. The choice of aggregation have to be in compliance with the company`s needs and its production specifications (existing process; configurations; current line equipment). On the other hand, the implementation of aggregation is also related with requirements and deadlines. While you are choosing a specific aggregation solution, various factors weigh on the scales and complicate its easy implementation. For example, it must be taken into account on which markets the company works, because some countries comply with GS1 standards and others have different requirements.


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#4 Trusted provider


The last two topics are not directly related to the process of serialization, but are with a key meaning to the whole future of the business. What do we mean?

First, the choice of vendor is a one-time decision. There is an extensive list of companies that offer Track & Trace solutions on the market. At first reading, these are identical companies offering identical solutions. But … there is always BUT. Providers are extremely different. When you choose a provider, be sure that it can offer you exactly what you need without additional pointless services unsuitable for your model of work and in most cases even unnecessary. This type of “decision” also affects your budget. In order to make right vendor choice, you have to make informative decision. In this regard, SoftGroup gives you 3 hints to keep in mind:


  • Find customer testimonials/ recommendations

For example: Read a case study – you will see how the concrete vendor has dealt in a real situation and how customized solutions it can provide; what is the general result of its services to the business;


  • See the vendor in action

For example: Book a demo – this vendor may be your long-term partner, don`t hesitate to test it;


  • Put the vendor in your shoes

For example: During the very first meeting/ preliminary business analysis – describe your existing case and see how they will proceed – their approach talk a lot about their work methodology;


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#5 Flexible solution


As mentioned above, this topic, like the previous one, is more related to the specifics and characteristics of the vendor itself, but again has an impact on the final process of. What do we mean? First, the flexibility of the solution means its functionality to be implemented for the particular business and its needs, to be easily integrable in the production process, as well as not to affect the business process at all. Precisely because of this, one of the challenges to serialization is the flexibility of the vendor.


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