emerging activities for digital transformation in pharma

[Blog] 5 emerging activities for digital transformation in pharma for 2021

The widespread development of technology, together with the effects of the pandemic, has drastically changed the behavior of the pharmaceutical industry.

According to a recent survey, we’ve conducted, 67% of pharmaceutical companies had to shift their plans for digital transformation in 2020 due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

As a result, online communication in 2021 has become the norm. Digital transformation in the pharmaceutical industry is now mandatory.


Let’s take a look at the top 5 emerging activities being a factor for digital transformation into the pharmaceutical industry in 2021.






Monitoring unexpected or planned events in serialized production, as well as detailed reports on the overall efficiency of the equipment, will help them improve their production capacity. This will streamline operations and become a key factor in reducing key loss factors and facilitating productivity gains. Pharmaceutical manufacturers will be able to remove documents from the shop floor.

The transformation of processes quickly becomes a consciousness of a successful business. A recent study by the opinion of the pharmaceutical management at the C-level shows that:

> 75% of pharmaceutical companies believe that digitizing the monitoring of all unexpected or planned events in serialized production and turning it into a live service can help them increase their production capacity.


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The technology must enable rapid response to newly introduced pharmaceutical regulations worldwide and meet industry requirements. The flexible and reliable cloud-based tracking platform provides a scalable, adaptable solution that supports plans for future growth.

Recent reports show that industry leaders investing in innovative ions with flexible, scalable technologies are moving away from less innovative lags:


Leaders: 9% laggers: 4% (revenue growth)


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Easy integration into existing production equipment – one of the main struggles of many pharmaceutical companies. One thing is for sure – serialization software, aggregation, and tracking and tracking software should not turn into pain.

The integration of all new solutions such as serialization and aggregation software, tracking and tracking software or regulatory compliance software, or even communication between business partners should not affect production capacity and overall productivity. But the process is complex and involves integration with software systems at all levels, different types of technology.

This integration also creates an opportunity to generate new revenue.


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A cloud database, which is always online and integrated through a smart enterprise, will provide instant access to valuable data. Private cloud storage ensures security and data integrity. This provides better-informed solutions, accurate visual dashboards, and powerful real-time reports for all business operations.

Improved access to data from the digital transformation allows pharmaceutical companies to become more flexible.


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Full integration into ERP systems can create a seamless, continuous flow of data between workshop, planning, and management at level C. Subsequent in-depth reporting leads to a real-time view of product availability and performance, while serialization and aggregation data are stored in one central center.


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