Announcing SoftGroup Academy – a new place to learn and grow

15th July 2021


Today, we at SoftGroup, are excited to give a first breath of SoftGroup Academy – а brand-new platform to learn and grow.

What is SoftGroup Academy?

An entirely new platform with on-demand educational material, how-to product videos, a regulatory compliance section, live expert sessions and many more.


All these resources will be at disposal of all our customers and will help them in their daily work. Even more, they will support their professional development giving them all these hints, advices, and know-how related to serialization, aggregation, and track & trace.


We’ve always placed a high value on educating our customers and helping them get the most value from SoftGroup. In the early days of SoftGroup, our founder – Venelin Dimitrov, hosted “workshops” to show new signups and prospects how to achieve success with SoftGroup.



“We realized that we could provide our customers with an in-depth set of resources regarding serialization itself, designed to help them excel at their jobs”



Over time, these efforts transformed into a main goal to the entire team of professionals dedicated to helping customers discover “aha” moments within challenging regulations over serialization and track & trace through multiple education channels, including docs, webinars, in-product videos, and more.


Recently, we made a survey through part of our customers about how they could get even more value from SoftGroup. This led us to realize that we could provide our customers with an in-depth set of resources regarding serialization and aggregation software, hardware and pharma regulatory compliance software designed to help them excel at their jobs.


Stay at the forefront of serialization and track & trace field


Today we’re taking our customer education to the next level and launching SoftGroup Academy; a platform with on-demand educational material, how-to product videos, regulatory compliance section, live expert sessions, etc.


Our vision for SoftGroup Academy is big: we want to empower our customers to feel like they are true serialization experts, a forefront of their team and field, a part of a community whose voice is heard.


If you’re a SoftGroup customer, you can sign up now and benefit from each module of the platform:

  • Module 1: Regulatory compliance: Explore the latest updates around the track and trace regulations in different regions around the world
  • Module 2: Latest articles and docs regarding technology, digitalization, pharma serialization, and aggregation best practices and trends
  • Module 3: Live expert sessions on a preliminary fixed topic regarding pharmaceutical serialization
  • Module 4: How-to product videos regarding SoftGroup’s serialization and aggregation software, hardware, and others which facilitate the new entries onboarding
  • Module 5: Video library that contains all SoftGroup’s online sessions, webinars, and workshops which will be available 24/7

Level up at every stage of your career in pharma track and trace


What we’re launching today is just the beginning of a comprehensive set of resources that will equip your serialization competence and your business with the skills you need to grow both now and in the future.


“Whatever stage you’re at in your career, you can come back to SoftGroup Academy again and again”


We’ll be adding a new resource and update designed to help Serialization Managers, Qualified Persons, Regulatory Affair Managers, IT Managers, Production Managers, and others to become one step ahead of the competitors on the serialization and aggregation topic.

Whatever stage you’re at in your career, you can come back to SoftGroup Academy, again and again, to master a new set of skills and level up for your next challenge.

Designed to grow with your needs


In the spirit of how we ended up here (by obsessing over our customers’ needs), we’d love to keep learning from you. Your feedback will help us directly shape the future of SoftGroup Academy and the resources we create.


So, let us know what you want to learn about SoftGroup – whether that’s how you can use specific software features, better understand how our hardware is working, master specific workflows, scale your team, or anything else.


If you’re a SoftGroup customer, you can sign up for SoftGroup Academy HERE.


Not a customer yet? Get in touch with our experts and learn how SoftGroup can help you with your next track & trace project.




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