Press release by SoftGroup

[Press Release] SoftGroup launches an educational platform to keep its clients at the forefront of serialization, aggregation, and traceability

30th August 2021


SoftGroup, the best-in-class end-to-end traceability technology provider in the CEE region, announced the launch of its entirely new platform with on-demand educational material, how-to product videos, a regulatory compliance section, live expert sessions and many more.



All the resources will be at disposal of all SoftGroup’s customers and will help them in their daily work. Even more, they will support their professional development giving them all these hints, advices, and know-how related to serialization, aggregation, and track & trace.

The company has been always placed a high value on educating its customers and helping them get the most value from SoftGroup. In the early days of SoftGroup, the founder – Venelin Dimitrov, hosted “workshops” to show new signups and prospects how to achieve success with SoftGroup.

“We realized that we could put more efforts and get our customers to the next level of our partnership by providing them with an in-depth set of resources regarding serialization itself”, shares Mr. Dimitrov.

”Over time, these efforts transformed into a main goal to the entire team of professionals dedicated to helping customers discover “aha” moments within challenging regulations over serialization and track & trace through multiple education channels, including docs, webinars, in-product videos, and more. What we’re launching today is just the beginning of a comprehensive set of resources that will equip your serialization competence and your business with the skills you need to grow both now and, in the future,” added Mr. Dimitrov.

About SoftGroup

SoftGroup is a software company that provides end-to-end traceability technology to the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. Our solutions cover all levels of the Track & Trace process, including aggregation processes in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

SoftGroup is a Certified Gateway Provider and Trusted partner of the European Medicine Verification Organization (EMVO) and Bulgarian Medicine Verification Organization (BgMVO) as well as a trusted partner of GS1 Healthcare. Additionally, the company is a partner of the Russian Track and Trace system (MDLP) and is listed as one of the first recognized accredited solution providers and integrators of local manufacturers and foreign pharma companies.

SoftGroup is a recipient of several prestigious awards for quality and innovation in the CEE region, applying cutting-edge technologies to ensure its customers with the most agile solutions up to their serialization and aggregation needs.