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[Blog] Traceability systems – more than just Track & Trace

Organizations that start implementing traceability can begin to take advantage of the radically increased insight and control they have over how their products are manufactured and distributed.


We have been already discussed the fundamental impact of traceability systems on the different industries and the various supply chain participants. The summary of the benefits you could find in the article “Is the Supply Chain Traceability a “must”?”. However, as a software company, which delivers end-to-end traceability technology for years, we can evaluate the effect and experience with traceability systems much more objectively. Because of that, we unraveled the meaning of traceability systems to the pharma industry >>


Combat counterfeits


Counterfeiting impacts the manufacturer as the end-user. When we talk about the pharma industry and medicines, this could have a fatal effect. Serialization, the different regulations and requirements are intended to fight against this critical practice of producing fake drugs. Track and trace solutions could provide legitimacy and purity to every product.


Effective recall management


There is no doubt that effective recall management is a key part of pharma manufacturing. It enables defect and deviation prevention, the tracking of potential contamination of packaging materials and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), as well as packaging defects and mislabeling.


Regulatory compliance


As we like to say the supply chain traceability systems make regulatory compliance plainly achievable. The collected data from the processes of serialization and aggregation great service in identifying potential issues. Mentioning the previous two processes in pharma manufacturing is not by accident. The Regulations are constantly evolving and updating but thanks to the Track & Trace smart solutions, your business could go beyond the product authentication and comply easily with the new requirements.


Maximized efficiency


Thanks to the real-time visibility and monitoring, you have the opportunity to track and trace your product through the supply chain at any time. This results in production efficiency because of the better transparency of processes.


Identifying supply chain weak spots


Talking about operational efficiency, we have to mention that end-to-end technology could help not only to track 24/7 360-degree the processes, but also to identify the supply chain weak spots.  It could be said that this is “the basic” of improving production efficiency and products quality.


Supply chain mapping


A clear vision of your supply chain could benefit your business in various ways. First, when you have your “map” you see every tier from every side. This allows the monitoring and identifying of any errors/ issues, as well as gives a good basis for risk assessment. Having all of this data in mind, you could analyze, plan and predict any adjustments for better efficiency.


Transparency about sourcing


One of the pillars of the idea about global traceability is to be possible to track all of the product information, including its origin and “way to you”.


Consumer engagement


It`s simple – when the customer knows that you take care of his safety improving your process and providing secure product to him – he trusts you


Communicating with stakeholders


Supply chain traceability systems give the transparency which stakeholders need. The data that you already have “in your hands” is a powerful tool as for you as for the stakeholders.

Traceability is crucial for your business and operational management. If you need more information regarding the Track & Trace systems, our experts are a click away >>