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[Blog] Challenges in front of cloud services

Key challenges in front of cloud services that you have to take into account


According to research in 2022, the global public cloud services market is expected to grow by approximately 22%, which amounts to about 482 billion U.S.D. Moreover, focusing on the pharma industry, the forecast of use number of clouds in a multi-cloud environment is going to increase from 7.7 (average number of clouds per industry for 2020) to 10.1 (average number of clouds per industry for 2023), according to Statista. In addition, Gartner forecasted that 90% of the companies will be using cloud computing services by 2022. In other words – a bright future. But how do things going in the pharma industry? Cloud services are breaking down the stereotypes, bringing with them many benefits and advantages for the Pharmaceuticals. However, as we looked at the benefits, we have to take a look at the underlying challenges.





Not to say the biggest, but one of the top challenges regarding cloud computing is the security of data. The lack of cloud security architecture could lead to data breaches which could impact the company and production in various ways.


SoftGroup recommends: Implement encryption of data – serialization and aggregation data encryption is a key in the process of protecting the sensitive and private data from the disclosure of data or irretrievable loss. Furthermore, provide strong access control with established policies and procedures. Do not forget about planning – thanks to the traceability systems, which provide 360-degree visibility, and a security plan, you could not only solve crises but prevent them in the very beginning.



Cost management


The implementation and management of cloud service across the different company`s groups could lead to “cloud sprawl”. This could create difficulties in budget visibility. In such cases, the costs cannot be allocated efficiently.


SoftGroup recommends: The first step is the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) – the initial analysis would give a transparent prognosis about the total cost of the new cloud infrastructure. Having the results from TCO, the company have to create a plan for better cost management – you have to know what, where and how will be invested. In this way, you will have the visibility and predictability to implement the cloud solution without “surprises”.



Quality of internet connectivity


The core of cloud computing services is a good internet connection. Without it, the whole production stops. Such technical issues could impact the production efficiency at different levels and could lead to big losses.



Choosing the right vendor


The availability of so many cloud providers on the market makes the decision hard. After all, it’s not your responsibility to provide a secure and protected cloud service that will operate with your data.


SoftGroup recommends: See them in action – request a demonstration and play all the scenarios. You will see their capabilities and security functions first-hand. Investigate – read recommendations, comparisons.





It really depends on many factories like company size and activity, but the migration to the cloud could not be so easy and fast.


SoftGroup recommends: Have a strategy – you will seamlessly navigate the transition. Planning the separate phases will give perspective and opportunity for better risk assessment which will help to avoid downtimes. Also, migration is the best time to train your employees. Use the time, involve your team, be efficient – don`t allow the lack of expertise.




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