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[Webinar]: Traceability of Medical devices – from Basics to Benefits

If you want to learn in details and understand the new Track & Trace requirements regarding medical devices – this is your event!



Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) is a real hot topic amongst the supply chain participants. It completely changes the legislation and business processes regarding the production and distribution of medical devices.

SoftGroup knows that the transition could be full of “moving pieces” – do not take the risk, join the webinar and found out everything that you should take into account!


Get the whole picture and find the answers now!




Event details:


Date: 23 November 2021

Working language: English




You will learn:


  • MDR- Regulatory Framework & Requirements
  • UDI – Specifics & Requirements
  • EUDAMED – structure & modules
  • Challenges & Benefits
  • Future of medical devices






Mihail Ivanov – Sales Development Representative @SoftGroup 


Radost Ivanova – Business Analyst @SoftGroup




Go to Webinar`s Recording


The video is available on-demand HERE




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