[Interview] Venelin Dimitrov, CEO of SoftGroup: The crisis has taught us that this is the time to seize new opportunities

21th December 2021



We’ve managed to concentrate on where we are undoubtedly strong – the software development says the CEO of SoftGroup AD






Which of the businesses affected by the pandemic are your customers, and what happened to their business? Have you won or lost customers?


We are focused on developing technological solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. In practice, we did not have a client unaffected by the pandemic to varying degrees and in different ways. All pharmaceutical companies were encouraged to work at high-speed production to answer the market demands and to overcome challenges like getting quickly into the digital work model.

What makes us very proud is that in these 18 months, we have not lost a single client; on the contrary, we have won new ones and expanded our operations in new markets. The main reasons were our quick reaction and apparent approaches. And another important thing – we did not release any of our colleagues, on the contrary, our team has grown.

We changed the concept of work, distribution of tasks and responsibilities, communication between us. We are more efficient now, but we will need more time to emerge victorious from this new way of working fully. Very little time, but still time.



Has the focus of your customers changed, their desires, the environment in which you communicate? Has traceability systems’ importance and placement within the company strategy changed?


Yes, and this is normal. First, for some time, the physical meeting “melted.” The online meeting platforms took over this, and for me, that was the best thing that could happen. For the first time, we could meet clients from one continent and on the same day to get in the meeting with partners from the opposite part of the world.  That is so time-saving. Of course, that opened another door for us – we got time to focus on essential details and improvements on our software services.

Digitalizing the supply chain and delivering automation within production processes is a priority, and our customers continue to move with the same force. Instead, the traditional techniques changed and put a new policy towards pharmaceutical production, and thus things became even more straightforward and efficient.




What are your latest projects and the mid-term strategy?


Despite the COVID-19 situation, companies in the pharmaceutical industry continue to move towards digitalization. That is why we continue to deliver solutions that, based on new technologies, optimize their processes and costs.

Our strategy has always been to develop and improve our services. It will be the same in the future. The solutions we invest in are based on а broad toolbox, such as IoT, smart manufacturing, cloud services, and big data. Thus, we believe that the end-to-end digital supply chain mission is not just possible but completely achievable.



What are your expectations for digitalization in the supply chains in 2022?


We see that the market is growing and will continue to increase its size, as the benefits of track and trace solutions are already distinct to all participants in the supply chain. That is why many countries continue to make great efforts to set up and implement traceability systems. Meanwhile, many of the companies in the Pharma industry suffer from a lack of globalization and vendor-locking solutions, which severely limit their productivity and affect several KPIs.

Based on these facts and the apparent evolving technology industry, we expect to develop traceability systems to continue growing and developing. In this way, together, we will provide a secure and protected healthcare system, optimizing the businesses thanks to intelligent solutions and technologies.