pharma manufacturing trends 2022

[Blog] Pharma Manufacturing Trends #2022

Regardless of the pandemic, the pharmaceutical industry and the processes in it are progressively developing and taking new directions in 2022.







We are welcoming 2022 with positive expectations and more substantial confidence that this year will bring the expected benefits for all businesses. In 2021, the pharmaceutical industry proved itself as an industry driven by and drove medical progress. According to EUROSTAT data, the pharmaceutical industry is the highest technology sector. The research-based pharmaceutical industry has a critical role in growing and ensuring competitiveness in the advancing global economy on the European market. On  the international level, the pharmaceutical market was worth an estimated € 943,667 million ($ 1,077,856 million) at ex-factory prices in 2020. The progressive Pharma improves healthcare quality, focusing on clinical research and new treatments, developing its processes and effectiveness. However, it is time to look at the latest trends in the pharma packaging that the supply chain participants will meet.





More and more countries realize the need for traceability systems, seeing the track and trace software benefits. We could say that this trend is everlasting and the others revolve around it to achieve the ultimate goal – transparency and visibility through the whole supply chain.


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Packaging Automation


The core of packaging automation is smart manufacturing. The machines have to be enabled to deliver real-time monitoring and diagnostic, easy integration and secure data processing. Smart manufacturing could be realized in different ways depending on the size of the enterprise. There are various solutions such as big data architectures, cloud-based systems, AI, machine learning, robotics, etc. The improvement in the quality of packaging automation would decrease the potential for product mislabeling, eliminating recalls and consumer risks. Furthermore, better automation is cost-effective for Pharmaceuticals because it saves time and money, prevents vague threats and increases operational flexibility and production efficiency.


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The aggregation is the process that completes the serialization and has significant benefits for everyone involved in the supply chain. Different aggregation solutions can be adapted depending on the type of production: manual, semi-automated and automated aggregation. Currently, the requirements for mandatory aggregation are only for some markets, but this is yet to change. The investment now is a cost-saving solution for the future.


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Cloud manufacturing


Cloud manufacturing belongs to “smart manufacturing” and is closely related to Industry 4.0. Cloud technology computing has proven itself in pharmaceutical serialization, as it is the simplest and at the same time most secure solution for the cross-company exchange of data. The advantages of cloud services could be best described with an example – now you have the opportunity to choose between cloud-based software which has the same capacity and functionality as this one on-premises. The easier deployment and management, the quicker implementation and less need for IT support are some of the reasons why cloud-based solutions are the top trend and why the cloud market size is expected to reach USD 947.3 billion by 2026 (USD 445.3 billion in 2021).


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Digitalization, digital revolution, or Industry 4.0 – you could come across in different ways to this tendency. The more important thing is that digitalization allows the utilization of information shared by different systems/apps/devices, improving the operational processes, data accuracy, production efficiency, inventory visibility. In other words, digitalization boosts productivity and affects the future of whole manufacturing.


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Sustainability and recycling


Sustainability policies become more and more priority. When we talk about pharma packaging, the topic is crucial. The good practices are no longer missing and their number increases.


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Let’s talk about your pharmaceutical production processes so we can propose an appropriate serialization option on how to meet compliance requirements, track your products, and increase business value.