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[Press Release] SoftGroup declares its commitment to increasing sustainable and responsible development

24th January 2022


SoftGroup declares its commitment to increasing sustainable and responsible development


The company announced its first edition of the Sustainability report for 2020-2021


Sofia, Bulgaria, January 24, 2022 – SoftGroup, the best-in-class end-to-end traceability technology provider in the CEE region, today declares its commitment to increase sustainable and responsible development by announcing its first edition of the Sustainability report for 2020-2021. The company perceives objectives aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, containing sustainable action plans in the economic, environmental, and social fields.


The main areas of focus covered in the report include:

  • Commitments to improving wellbeing and healthy lives
  • Gender equality
  • Promoting productive employment and inclusion
  • Sustainable industrialization and digitalization
  • Revitalizing partnerships for sustainable development


Mr. Venelin Dimitrov, CEO of SoftGroup, said: “Growing sensitivity towards the issues of sustainability and understanding the importance of our contributors have led us to undertake a process that shares these guidelines. Concepts like sustainability, responsibility and values are so often heard these days that they are in danger of becoming empty buzzwords. It is, therefore, more than essential to give serious thought to our products and services, and generally in our business approach.”


Mr. Iordan Dunkov, Head of Strategic Partnerships, said: “Now, more than ever before, the challenge has become necessary and urgent. For this reason, we consider it vital to involve all our clients and partners working together to amplify every sustainable action. We are glad as we found responsible collaborators such as Romaco. We are now even more confident that building sustainable partnerships will empower the entire value chain and deliver broader social and environmental benefits.”


Mr. Jörg Pieper – CEO of Romaco Group, shared: “When it comes to sustainability projects, it is important on one side to be consistent with actions implementation, whilst, on the other side, to continuously assess one’s way of working to seek for improvement areas.


We pursue two approaches in implementing our sustainability strategy: on the one hand, Romaco is developing technologies that enable our customers to produce in a more sustainable way; on the other, we’re seeking to improve our own carbon footprint step by step. As pharmaceutical machinery manufacturer, we are guided by the principle “avoidance is better than reduction is better than offsetting” in the effort to systematically reduce carbon consumption.


We would like to mention, among the variety of sustainable practices that we as a Company implement, our zero CO2 emission machines manufacturing program, the new Romaco building in Bologna, entirely built with sustainability concepts and features at its core (just to mention a few: solar panels, free drinkable water dispensers instead of plastic bottled water, biolake, and many more), the continuous study, at each of our sites’ Laboratory, of new, eco-friendly packaging materials to be used on our machines, and our multiple bee colonies in Germany.”



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About SoftGroup

SoftGroup is a software company that provides end-to-end traceability technology to the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. Our solutions cover all levels of the Track & Trace process, including aggregation processes in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

SoftGroup is a Certified Gateway Provider and Trusted partner of the European Medicine Verification Organization (EMVO) and Bulgarian Medicine Verification Organization (BgMVO) and a trusted partner of GS1 Healthcare. Additionally, the company is an accredited solution provider and integrator by the Russian Track and Trace system (MDLP) for both local manufacturers and foreign pharma companies.