pilot project for serialziation of food supplements

[Blog] Russian pilot project for mandatory serialization of food supplements

Russia established a pilot for marking of food supplements.


Russian government started a pilot project, announced in Decree №673, “On experimenting on labelling using the identification of biologically active food additives on the territory of the Russian Federation”. In April 2021, the Center for Research in Perspective Technologies (CRPT) stated that tracking food supplements will be subject to a pilot. In May the same year, the pilot was already a fact. It will run for 16 months till 31 August 2022.


Main questions:


1. How does digital marking work in production?


The steps of digital marking are as follows:


  Producers and importers:

  Create catalogues of markable products in their user accounts on Track & Trace Government System (TT GIS)

  Order ID code for each SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)

  Apply a Data Matrix code on each product package

  The product is ready for distribution/ sale to wholesalers/retail outlets


2. Which products must be labelled?


Chestny ZNAK shared the list of products with their Eurasian Economic Union Combined Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity (TN VED) codes. The list of products is as follows:


  • Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits; miscellaneous grains, seeds, and fruit; industrial or medicinal plants; straw and fodder
  • Locust beans, seaweeds, and other algae, sugar beet and sugar cane, fresh, chilled, frozen or dried, whether or not ground; fruit stones and kernels and other vegetable products (including unroasted)
  • Fish liver oils and their fractions with Vitamin A content not exceeding 2500 iu/g
  • Other fish fats, oils, and their fractions, other than fish liver oils, other than solid fractions
  • Other animal fats and oils and their fractions
  • Other edible mixtures or preparations of animal or vegetable fats or oils or fractions of different fats or oils of this chapter, other than edible fats or oils
  • Other, including invert sugar and other sugar and sugar syrup blends containing in the dry state 50% by weight of fructose
  • Throat and cough lozenges not containing cocoa
  • Other products containing cocoa, in blocks, slabs, or bars, filled
  • Cocoa and cocoa preparations (other preparations containing cocoa, not filled but with added cereal grains, fruits, or nuts in blocks, slabs, or bars)
  • Other preparations containing cocoa, but not filled, in blocks, slabs, or bars
  • Preparations containing cocoa and intended for manufacture (preparation) of drinks
  • Other preparations containing cocoa
  • Preparations with a basis of extracts, essences, or concentrates of coffee
  • Other protein concentrates and textured protein substances
  • Other sugar syrups with flavouring or colouring additives
  • Other food preparations not containing butterfat, sucrose, isoglucose (i.e., high-fructose corn syrup), glucose, and starch, or containing less than 1. 5% by weight of butterfat, 5% by weight of sucrose or isoglucose, 5% by weight
  • Mixtures of vitamins and minerals for use as a balanced dietary supplement
  • Other food preparations not elsewhere specified or included
  • Sugar- (sucrose) free chewing gum and with a sugar substitute product
  • “Others” under Code 2202: “Beverages and spirits and vinegar.”
  • Other beverages not containing preparations of headings 0401 to 0404 or fat obtained from preparations of headings 0401 to 0404
  • Vitamins A and their derivatives
  • Cultures of microorganisms
  • Synthetic organic colouring matter and preparations based thereon, including mixtures of colouring matters of the subheadings 320411 to 320419
  • Other gelatin and its derivatives
  • Other prepared enzymes not elsewhere specified or included


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