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[Webinar]: Traceability of Medical devices: Solution to the Challenges

This is your event if you want to discover the solution covering all MDR requirements!



Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) has been fully applicable since the mid of 2021, and every medical device manufacturer have to face new challenges >>


Traceability of Medical Devices: The solution to the challenges was the natural extension of the previous webinar when we looked in-depth into the MDR and new requirements. Now, we will go straight to the solution of all challenges in front of supply chain participants. The webinar will discover how to meet the requirements and benefit from them.




Event details:


Date: 2 February 2022


Working language: English




What did you learn about:


Short MDR resume – regulation, classification, timeline

Our experience till the moment – approach and expertise; examples; cases

Our solutions – different types of solutions to the specific cases

What`s next? – EUDAMED modules, tendencies in medical devices serialization

Q&A session






Mihail Ivanov – Sales Development Representative @SoftGroup 


Maria Docheva – Marketing Specialist @SoftGroup





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The video is available on-demand HERE.