gs1 change in ai

Change in the GS1 Application Identifier (AI)

10 February 2022


In the latest General Specifications Change Notification (GSCN), GS1 published an upcoming change in the Application Identifier (AI).

The AI contains the batch/lot number, production date, sell-by date and expiration date of the concreate product and is determined by the manufacturer. The structure included the year, month and day of manufacturing.
The requirements of the production and expiration date structure are as follows:

  • Year – the tens and units of the year (e.g., 2003 = 03) – mandatory.
  • Month – the number of the month (e.g., January = 01 – mandatory.
  • Day – the number of the day of the relevant month (e.g., second day = 02); if it is not necessary to specify the day, the field must be filled with two zeroes.*


The upcoming change affects the expression of the day of the month. Since 1 January 2025, the day of the month shall not be expressed as two zeros. The new expression shall include the valid day of the month (e.g., last day of July = 31). The change affects the expression both of production* and expiration* date.


The full version of the General Specifications Change Notification (GSCN) you could find HERE

Detailed information about ratified changes to the GS1 General Specifications, you could find HERE.


*Production date is the production or assembly date determined by the manufacturer.

*Expiration date determines the limit of consumption or use of a product/coupon