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[Case study]: Switching the vendor – mission completed by SoftGroup Cloud Solution

This story is for the steady partnership between Allgen Pharmaceuticals and SoftGroup, the success of cloud solution and the initial benefits from it.


The most important thing in the business is to not make compromises with the value that you deserve and to understand the options for the better partnership in front of you.




Customer Profile


Allgen Pharmaceuticals is a rapidly expanding and independent pharmaceutical company based in the Netherlands. The company`s mission is “Excellence in health-care” and by marketing pharmaceuticals and medical devices, Allgen proves that it is simply achievable to deliver real benefits to the patients.


The company is a trusted provider of high-quality healthcare products from across Europe and has a special focus on asthma and COPD product markets.


Allgen is constantly striving for increasing its product portfolio. Some of their products are established on the market, while others are novel and niche.






In the case of Allgen, we could divide the challenges into two groups. On one hand technical – the main challenge in the case of Allgen Pharmaceuticals was to build a fast and secure connection with all of the client`s CMOs. The process had to be seamless and not affect the company `s processes. Allgen currently is working with 5 different contract manufacturers, which affects the time management of the project.


However, the more fundamental challenge was to build a strong and trusted partnership. Our client had struggled with large scale set up and complexity in the organization their previous solution provider. SoftGroup has managed to create a trustworthy business environment and prove Allgen that the stigma for prioritizing clients over clients is not applicable in SoftGroup`s approach of delivering end-to-end technology.




Download the case study and find how Allgen successfully met the Pharmaceutical Compliance Requirements with our solution and benefited from it.



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