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The face of a software company – Teodora Marcheva, Information Security Manager

Meet SoftGroup through the eyes of its visionary employees


“The face of a software company” is a storytelling series that discovers how SoftGroup works through the eyes of our colourful and visionary employees. We dedicated this month to the female half of SoftGroup and want to meet you with the next influential woman on our team.






Hello! My name is Teodora Marcheva and I am the Information Security Manager at SoftGroup. I have been working for the company for almost 10 years, witnessing its growth and success and gaining valuable experience for my career development as well.





teodora marcheva the face of software company

Is there a typical day or week at SoftGroup?


There is nothing typical at SoftGroup. The variety of clients, partners, projects and tasks always keeps you busy and alert for new challenges and innovative ideas.



Tell us a bit more about your role within the company…


My role as the Information Security Manager at SoftGroup is a relatively new one. Through the years I have been engaged with different internal and client projects. Starting with administrative, organizational and human resources tasks, my duties include the liability for ISO certification, GDPR and legal matters. The development of the company required the forming of a new position dedicated solely to information security. My various experience so far helped me to fit into that role. I am responsible for our quality and information security ISO certificates, assistance to our legal advisors in preparing contracts, regulatory compliance, keeping customers and employees satisfied.



What is the most challenging part of your job as an Information Security Manager?


The biggest challenge is to manage the wide variety of requirements and desires of all parties, creating the foundation of a productive business partnership. Keeping up with new legal, regulatory requirements and standards is a thought-provoking part of my position.



What initially motivated you to join SoftGroup?


A combination of factors motivated me to join SoftGroup’s team – innovative IT company, small team, opportunities to develop different skills and be flexible. And last but not least – the personal attitude and enthusiasm of the management and the team.



How did you find having to work from home instead of the office? Would you explore this opportunity in the future?


As a mother of two, working from home when needed was not a new concept. It is a great option for specific situations, but nothing can beat personal communication face to face.



What do you think about the SoftGroup brand new office space?


I am excited! Since I started working for SoftGroup, moving to a new office has always been associated with growth and business development. It is an engaging internal project for all and a great teambuilding experience.



Finish the sentence “You should come to work at SoftGroup because….


…you will have the opportunity to work with an energetic team of experts, explore a different side of the IT industry and assist directly in business growth.



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