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The face of a software company – Mariana Dilova, QA & Validation Manager

Meet SoftGroup through the eyes of its visionary employees


“The face of a software company” is a storytelling series that discovers how SoftGroup works through the eyes of our colourful and visionary employees. We dedicated this month to the female half of SoftGroup and want to meet you with the next influential woman on our team.






I’ve started my professional journey at SoftGroup as a QA engineer under an EU project focusing on the software development of an innovative product. My responsibilities were the preparation of project documentation and test of the products.


As a QA and Validation Manager, I am an analytical and creative person who manages the establishment of the internal quality processes and documents in the company. My role is to create, design, and enforce quality control, maintaining company high standards.


My team consists of highly qualified and motivated QA and Validation specialists.

As a person, I adhere to correctness and accuracy among the team but continuously develop new ways to satisfy needs and encourage teamwork.





mariana dilova the face o a software company

Is there a typical day or week at SoftGroup?


Every day is diverse. There are a lot of challenges to overcome. We work with customers from different countries with a variety of specifics. This possibility contributes to us learning new things constantly.



Tell us a bit more about your role within the company…


Over the years, I have created and extended QA and validation department. I participated actively in the process of the company`s development. I have been working there for more than 8 years, and during this period, I was part of many activities such as structuring the company`s processes and documents, ISO integration, etc. Also, together with my team, we are responsible for the training of all new colleagues.



What is the most challenging part of your job as a QA & Validation Manager?


Maybe not precisely challenges, but more crucial aspects:

  • Communication at all levels – our nature of work is essential, and it is very crucial to have fair communication, respectively precise requirements, requests and expectations from us
  • Busy Schedule – our work environment is dynamic, so we put a lot on the flexible and reasonable adapted timeline so that we could deliver the best quality on time
  • Resources – the responsibility for the excellent product quality and its realization requires а wide variety of resources and competence of my colleagues.



What initially motivated you to join SoftGroup?


My primary motivation comes from the desire of SoftGroup to develop its innovative services and products – I wanted to be a part of that growth.



How did you find having to work from home instead of the office? Would you explore this opportunity in the future?


I think this option is more effective in some cases because everyone save time for travelling, which could be used for work 😊…. I am kidding; there are two sides of the coin – some of the tasks require presence in the office, others could be seamlessly done at home.



What do you think about the SoftGroup brand new office space?


We will work more efficiently, share ideas, cooperate, and communicate more freely.



Finish the sentence “You should come to work at SoftGroup because….


.. because there are a friendly environment, good communication, well-balanced working terms, constant development and expansion of the company’s product lines.



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