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The face of a software company – Elitsa Leontieva, Developer

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Meet SoftGroup through the eyes of its visionary employees


“The face of a software company” is a storytelling series that discovers how SoftGroup works through the eyes of our colourful and visionary employees. We dedicated this month to the female half of SoftGroup and want to meet you with the next influential woman on our team.






Hello, I am Elitsa Leontieva and I am a developer at SoftGroup. I have worked for the company for over 3 years. I started as an intern and worked my way to becoming a developer through hard work and recognition, something you do not get everywhere.





elitsa leontieva the face of software company


Is there a typical day or week at SoftGroup?


Every day at SoftGroup is different – new projects, new clients, new challenges. The constant is the collaboration between teams, determination, and work towards our common goal – to always come up with the best possible solutions.




Tell us a bit more about your role within the company…


I am a developer in the Research and Development team at SoftGroup. My work is related to developing our software products by creating and implementing new features and modifying and extending the existing products.





What is the most challenging part of developing software solutions?


I believe that challenges are what keep you motivated. The biggest challenge and probably why I chose to work in this field is the learning curve. Technology is constantly evolving, and you should always be up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices.



What initially motivated you to join SoftGroup?


I started my career as a developer at SoftGroup. I wanted to be in an innovative and fast-growing company. Working with motivated people and genuinely working as a team is also something that I highly value. SoftGroup just seemed to be the right choice for me. Working for this company has helped me gain a lot of experience and valuable knowledge.



How did you find having to work from home instead of the office? Would you explore this opportunity in the future?


I can be productive both from home and from the office. Working from home allows me to be more flexible with my schedule. However, I also like communicating with my co-workers in the office.



What do you think about the SoftGroup brand new office space?


Change is good. I think that the new office would be a place where many new ideas will be born, and I am looking forward to it.



Finish the sentence “You should come to work at SoftGroup because….


It would help if you came to work at SoftGroup because you will be working with a team of experts in a friendly environment. You will expand your knowledge and skills, operating with the latest technologies.



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