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The face of a software company – Our core corporate values

Get to know SoftGroup – our approach,  believes and culture 


The software industry is one of the most dynamic business niches. New technologies, solutions and problem-solving methods appear every day. This could be extremely hard to proceed with. Because of that, we know how important is to have solid and supportive management. We built our approach on the foundation of some core values relating to each field of our business. You can discover what does empowerment mean for us in reality >>


softgroup corporate values



Strong empowerment


The definition of empowerment for us is simple – to encourage the employees to create their own development. We boost the entrepreneurial culture by stepping on communication, willingness, and common purpose.



Open communication


We believe that open communication is the effective one. Being confident to share freely your opinion and ideas is of great importance for your personal career and business development. In our daily life, we are used to dealing immediately with the issues as with ideas – this is the way for achievements to be born.





To be fair means to understand your employees. To create а united team, you have to treat everyone individually.



Transparent environment


We recognize workplace transparency as long-term success and sharing the knowledge as the primary tool in achieving it – better employees engagement, better customers relations, more robust culture and creativity.



Goal-oriented approach


Behind the achievements stands the strategic strong goal-setting. Our simple formula is to start from the milestones and reach success. Thus, we value the desire to move and challenge ourselves. For us, the “steps” themselves are far more critical, than their size.



Responsible leadership


To make it all possible, you will need a steady back. The responsibility of the management is the fuel for innovative behaviour in the employees.



Out of the box concepts


The fact that we are a software company inevitably brings the concept that we have to think out of the box. And it is true. Behind the flexible and customer-adapted solutions stand creative ideas and powerful brainstorming*.

*in combination with a lot of coffee



United team


Developing such technology solutions requires a wide range of skills and knowledge. It won’t work out if we rely only on one. That`s why we are a team – to cooperate, exchange ideas and provide the best result at the end of the day.



Personal development


As it became apparent from the beginning, individual development is of great importance for our company. We invest in embracing our employees’ full potential because our vision for the company`s success starts with the people.




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