softgroup gartner 5 star review

SoftGroup Records another 5-Star Rated Review on Gartner

We are happy to share that we recorded another 5-Star Rated Review on the trustful Gartner Peer Insight Platform and culture 


How to get a 5-Star customer review on the Gartner platform?

Strong customer focus, excellent product functionality and performance, proper communication, or a combination of all these?
We can add a few more basic ingredients to the 5-star review. Our success to have a 5-star review stands for the combination of engrossment in our customer’s needs, the flexibility of product and services, setting the precise project outlines and having the perfect-fit team to work on the project. It’s simple as that.


What about the interactions with our customers?


One platform that speaks about our successful interaction with customers is Gartner Peer Insights. It is a platform for end-user professionals’ ratings and reviews of enterprise technology solutions. It has a strict policy for the identification of the reviewer and the quality of the study.
We had another 5-star review from the pharmaceutical company for which we developed a serialization system and aggregation solution.


What does our customer say about us?


Working on the project, we minimize our customer’s time to market, delivering the serialization solution quickly and efficiently. Our customer was happy with the solution and shared that they find it easy to use and effective.


“The SoftGroup® SaTT solution works great for its purpose. I do not directly use this software daily, but bugs are rarely reported. Support is great.” – Quality Compliance Manager.


Receiving positive customer feedback is one of the most potent stimuli for us to keep working with motivation to find the proper traceability solutions for pharmaceutical companies. The success story of our most recent customers is also our success.


At SoftGroup

We always serve our customers in line with our core company’s values. We support pharmaceutical companies by elevating their business in the new digital age through comprehensive serialization, aggregation and traceability solutions. As a trustful partner, we can provide you with an advanced traceability system to serve all your track and trace needs.


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