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The face of a software company – Peter Ivanov, Quality Control Expert

Meet SoftGroup through the eyes of its visionary employees


“The face of a software company” is a storytelling series that discovers how SoftGroup works through the eyes of our colourful and visionary employees. Today`s story will discover how crucial obligation within the company is to track the quality of each element during the process of solution development >>






It is my pleasure to introduce myself, my name is Peter Ivanov, and my actual position is Auditor Quality in SoftGroup. I have changed several positions in the company since 2017 till now, that gives to me a huge experience with the products and solutions of the company – in the beginning, I have started as an Implementation Engineer, and Senior Implementation Engineer and after that I was a part of Quality Assurance team and I become on my current position in last 3 years finally.



peter ivanov the face of a software company




Is there a typical day or week at SoftGroup?


Each one of my days in SoftGroup begins with daily planning meetings with Production, Research & Development, Quality Assurance, Business Analysis and Project Management teams to discuss different activities, depending on current projects, tasks, and priorities. During the day I must solve different challenges and make my comments and recommendations for improvements of components and machines, the technical part of the documentation, to verify compliance of final products with defined requirements. At the end of the week, I participate in planning meetings for workflow organization for the next week.






Tell us a bit more about your role within the company…


Auditor Quality has the main role to check, verify and control the incoming components and parts quality, production quality and technical part of documentation of SoftGroup solutions and products on different stages to meet all customer requirements and legal regulations, norms, and specific directives and to offer and deliver high – quality products and solutions finally on the market. After receiving customer requests or User Requirement Specification (URS) in SoftGroup, especially for devices and software solutions for pharmaceutical and medical devices industries, because in this field requirements, regulations and Good Manufacturing Practice rules are very precise and important.



What is the most challenging part as a Quality Control Expert?


The most challenging part of my job is to contribute with my knowledge and experience in the production process of SoftGroup to create reliable, modern, and user-friendly products and solutions, fulfilling all our current and potential customers requirements. All final products must meet the user requirements from one side and all other obligatory standards, norms, and directives on another side.



What initially motivated you to join SoftGroup?


The main reason is that SoftGroup is a Bulgarian innovative company for development and realization of modern software and hardware solutions. The company has a big potential to offer flexible customizations to meet all specific customer requirements. The financial stimulation of SoftGroup employers is also very attractive and provides reasons to become a part of the SoftGroup team.



How did you find having to work from home instead of the office? Would you explore this opportunity in the future?


Auditor Quality position requires to work at the SoftGroup office definitely because the workflow is related with that to have real contact objects within the scope of the quality control process.



What do you think about the SoftGroup brand new office space?


In last month SoftGroup become in a new office located at prestige area and that contributes for increasing of motivation to work in excellent environment.



Finish the sentence “You should come to work at SoftGroup because.


Because the working process gives a lot of opportunities and challenges to implement personal experience and knowledge from one side and to work in cooperation with motivated and erudite colleagues to create and improve unique products and solutions.



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