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[Blog] Key Benefits of Moving To Microsoft Azure-based solution & Migrating Your Data To The Cloud

Azure-based solutions overcome the challenge with data security, scalability and data recovery. 







Looking back on the last two years and considering the post-pandemic business landscape, remote access and hybrid working traceability solutions have unexpectedly become a standard. Pharma businesses looking for more flexibility and fast response to the surrounding should now be looking to migrate their data to the cloud. But how do we overcome the challenge with data security, scalability or even data recovery? The answer stands for Azure-based solutions.

Systems like SATT PLATFORM brings enormous cost savings in the long run and makes it far easier to embrace remote working. Let’s observe the key benefits of moving your serialization and aggregation data to an Azure-based solution.


SATT PLATFORM is Microsoft Azure-based serialization and aggregation solution for pharmaceuticals. It is a fast-growing cloud platform encompassing all traceability services to help your pharmaceutical company operate seamlessly in highly regulated markets and be feature-ready.




Why should your pharma company migrate your data to the cloud? What are the benefits of the Azure cloud service?



benefit Migrating to Azure Can Save You Money


The cost of maintaining your server hardware can quickly eat into your IT budget. Transitioning to a cloud service means you only pay for your infrastructure, pay-as-you-go.


The primary cost savings come in not needing to maintain or refresh server components. This also includes reduced overheads by employing IT staff to support their servers. Research shows that pharmaceuticals could save up to 82% on server costs by switching to cloud-based solutions.


Using Azure-based solutions is also more affordable than other cloud service providers. Microsoft claims that Azure is five times cheaper than AWS.



benefit Azure Improves Security


Using own-managed servers or other cloud providers can be risky in safeguarding your production data from cyber threats. Azure aims to unify security management and offer superior threat protection. It allows businesses to protect their cloud workload.



benefit Dynamic Scalability


As your physical hardware doesn’t limit your cloud services, it’s far easier to scale your resources to meet your current demand.


If you have a sudden influx of business, you’re not held back by your existing infrastructure. Your Azure-based cloud services can scale dynamically to suit your current needs.



benefit Reduces IT Staff Workload


We’ve seen tremendous pressure on IT staff and departments during the pandemic. Moving to a well-oiled cloud platform like SATT PLATFORM can relieve struggling IT staff’s workloads.


This Azure-based solution offers the necessary tools for managing and scaling your traceability solution more efficiently.