whitepaper serialization new feature

[Whitepaper] Adding a new feature within your packaging line – serialization


Find out how does SoftGroup could add the serialization seamlessly within the packaging line 


It is well-known that the investment in track & trace solutions could be a significant expense. Furthermore, from our experience, we concluded that integration is the second most common challenge in front the clients working on serialization implementation.

However, IT IS POSSIBLE. Or at least SoftGroup makes it possible using the existing printers, cameras, sensors, etc.  Serialization implementation impacts every aspect of interaction within the supply chain. SoftGroup solution could be painlessly integrated into the current production line, adding the new feature without provoking disruptions and downtimes.  We develop solutions based on an agile model, following the regulatory requirements and standards. The end result is a scalable solution that provides flexibility, responsibility and flexibility at all levels in the process along the vertical.


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