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[Blog] ChatGPT`s impact on the Pharma industry


Using ChatGPT, AI steps further into the Pharmaceutical activity


No matter how frequently you are use your phone and laptop or what your source of information is, you undoubtedly heard the term – ChatGPT. That is not just another fancy word that will be a trend for months. ChatGPT is in other words the future. But as we prefer to proceed, let`s start from the basics.








What is ChatGPT and why does it matter?


The term stands for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer, an AI-powered chatbot. The tool allows human-like conversations, answering your questions and assisting you in obtaining the needed information. ChatGPT is already in the feedback-collection phase and is public-free.


ChatGPT is not the standard-based search engine that indexes web pages on the internet. The AI tool uses the information “learned” in the training phase. Moreover, ChatGPT proves that it has a wide range of value-added user functionalities.




How would ChatGPT impact Pharma?


The AI tool has the potential to benefit the business in a variety of ways, as the Pharma industry makes no exception.


  • Objective information


Firstly, Pharmaceuticals could use ChatGPT as an objective source of information regarding various aspects. Thanks to the feedback-collection method, the tool can provide information based on real research and different proven sources.


For example, by asking ChatGPT about the most proven Track & Trace providers, you will receive a full-scale answer about the leaders on the market accompanied by proof of concept.


Here is the valuable part, you receive all-in-one information from one place. Firsthand, it is proven, on the other, it is not necessary to check a whole bunch of websites regarding your issue.



  • Improved efficiency and accuracy


The functionalities of the AI tool allow for receiving quick and accurate assistance in natural language. That would help Pharma supply chain participants to access up-to-date emergent information in a way that is easy to understand. Sometimes all of this information for regulations, serialization, and aggregation requirements could look complex but via ChatGPT, the whole picture could change.



  • Ease interaction


The machine learning model is designed to interact intuitively with users. For example, we try to figure out whether we need to use specific and complex language. The answer is not. In other words, simple questions, rich answers.