softgroup development strategy 2023

[Interview] Martin Georgiev, CTO of SoftGroup: During 2022, we had to adapt our solutions to the continuous changes and emerging requirements

24th February 2023


martin georgiev Chief Technology Officer of SoftGroup

SoftGroup`s Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer shared that “The post-crisis directed our strategic focus on the most scalable solutions – cloud-based, improving and enriching our product and services.”









2022 was a dynamic year concerning the new regulatory frameworks and emergent deadlines. What challenged you the most?


During the year, our team faced many emergent regulatory requirements, as one of the most demanding was establishing the connection to the UAE national hub (Tatmeen). The different approaches and structure of the system were quite challenging for us. However, we have built a secure and trouble-free two-side communication to all three of Tatmeen’s modules.


Shortly afterwards, we had to build secure communication between the pharma companies and Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan authorities , developing our expertise and service potential. Succeeding in meeting these new needs, we gained crucial knowledge and established a solid base for improving our future service capacity of assets.


Moreover, behind another challenge stays our constant efforts to get ahead of upcoming needs. We have been developing aggregation solutions since 2016, long before it became mandatory. That „extra“ time gave us the advantage of improving our aggregation solutions and being a step ahead of the competition with more advanced technology. In 2022 we were focused on creating an effective and human-centric solution. This aggregation solution is the first of its kind because of the direct connection to Azure-based software.  This straightforward process provides its users with great freedom of operation and while keeping security high.




What are the key essential achievements of SoftGroup for 2022?


In 2022 we started switching our services to the Microsoft Azure environment which was a planned and well-thought-out decision. We define this step above achievements but as milestones because it will help us and our customers to be future-ready.


As regards SoftGroup on the internal level, in 2022 we reinforced our internal organizational structure, establishing Department Operations. Such strategic change impacts the overall company goal, allowing us to have a deeper focus on our clients and improving the whole experience of using our products and services.


softgroup development strategy 2023



What are the strategic goals that SoftGroup set for 2023?


For years, we have been working developing cloud-based solution, realizing the benefits for the business. Nevertheless, the post-crisis has straightened our strategic focus on the most scalable solutions – cloud-based, improving and enriching our product and services. Formulating our key strategic fields for 2023, our team put the transfer of services on the Microsoft Azure environment as the foundation of our strategy. This is a goal that will affect both short and long-term company results. The step from “on-premises to the cloud” requires concerted and vigorous efforts, especially in the architecture development process. However, we believe this change will benefit on the future of our client’s operations and processes regarding flexibility, security, data storage, and efficiency.


Furthermore, we are developing an independent aggregation process whose operation will be separate from serialization. This innovation give our customers a “clear view” of their performance results, better planning, monitoring, etc. We put efforts into products and services that will go beyond Track & Trace, bringing added value to the stakeholders.