cloud service in pharma

[Blog] Value-added technologies for Intelligent Pharma Supply chains



The Pharma industry requires limitless technologies with a wide range of services as are cloud computing services and Microsoft Azure







Pharmaceuticals are one of the most dynamic sectors because of the constant change and evolution. While customer demands are a primary influence and priority, the pharma industry also must track and trace huge amounts of data and comply with various regulatory requirements in different parts of the world. Government regulations, safety, and environmental regulatory requirement appear as one of the greatest pressure sources for Pharmaceuticals. The key to success in dealing with this external pressure is the right choice for internal usage technologies.


Based on our expertise and research, it turns out that at the current moment, cloud computing and Azure technology are the solutions that could resolve complex situations and upgrade the supply chain, enabling improvement and efficiency on all levels.


However, you would tell that you already know this, but have you thought about what is the reason that exact these technologies are able to transform the supply chain into intelligent and progressive?


The answer is because of the diverse functionalities and capabilities they provide a whole package of benefits. These benefits, for their part, reflect on the different units of pharma enterprises and the manufacturing process.  In other words, we are talking about technologies with value-added features after which deployment the whole supply chain will be improved and enhanced.



We will use an example:


Traditional computing – requires high cost, space and time for implementation & maintenance; it is less scalable; the data security is low; the data cannot be accessed remotely; less collaboration.


Cloud computing and Microsoft Azure technology – scalable payment methods; rapid implementation; advanced security; interoperability for efficient data storage and access; scale data storage capacity; Accelerate research and development innovation; enhance collaboration with simplified workflow management.





At the end of the day, every business wants to be competitive in the market. This is achievable with the right combination of proactive management, optimized manufacturing processes, and efficient technologies. Cloud services and Microsoft Azure can take care of the last two. Azure Solutions are innovative and could facilitate the business process, helping you to manage costs, secure data, integrate into existing solutions and always provide you with “plan B” – backup. Furthermore, the hyper customization of services that allows the development of customer-adapted solutions as per your organizational needs in the combination of reduced upfront infrastructure and setup costs, scalable management, collaborative environment, and fast deployment is a sufficient argument for why pharma companies choose and rely on cloud technology.