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SoftGroup marked a milestone for its sustainable development, acquiring “Advanced” ESG Status


For a year SoftGroup marked significant progress in its Overall ESG Alignment, acquiring  “Advanced” ESG Status


For a second year, SoftGroup has been undergoing an analysis of ESG criteria that measure the ethical impact and sustainability of investment in a company. The overall performance of our company was examined at three levels: environmental, social and governance. The results from the monitoring concluded that SoftGroup reached Advanced ESG Status, improving the overall ESG performance by 20% for a year. Moreover, the company`s efforts reflected also on the SGD Maturity level, as the assessment showed SoftGroup leveled up, reaching Aligned SGD Maturity.


Evaluating the robustness of our company`s governance mechanisms and our ability to manage environmental and social risks effectively, the data shows the status of our responsible development in the three main levels:


  • Environmental – 47% (3% ↑)
  • Social – 79% (15% ↑)
  • Governance – 92% (25% ↑)



The analysis showed the current alignment with relevant goals of the United Nation`s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The SDGs that SoftGroup aligns are divided into two sections:


  • Generally aligned


sustainability goal responsible consumption and production


  • Most aligned


sustainability goal partnerships for the goals     sustainability goal climate action      sustainability goal industry innovation and infrastructure


Therefore, the report shows what are the current used mechanisms and measures which SoftGroup applied for each aligned SDG, as well as the KPIs and objectives which have been set for 2025.



SoftGroup is constantly working towards sustainable development. On the basis of the previous report for our ESG performance and the consequent recommendations, in the past 12 months, SoftGroup took many steps to improve its footprint on the planet. Starting already in 2021, a policy for the reduction of energy consumption was adopted, as a result of which in 2022 SoftGroup reduces its carbon footprint by 80%. In the social aspect, the company successfully implemented programme for continuous improvement of the work environment, prevention mechanisms, and various measures regarding diversity and equal opportunity. In respect of governance, SoftGroup issued its Code of Conduct, declaring its entrepreneurial responsibility and good corporate citizenship.


At the end of the impact report, SoftGroup received recommendations regarding the needed improvements in the future. The assessment was carried out by uIMPACT and is based on proprietary models, developed by Urban Impact Ventures, a transformative investor on a mission to improve urban quality of life.




About the uIMPACT


uIMPACT is a self-reporting for assessment of the environmental, social and governance status of companies and their alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals at certain levels of impact realization. The service provided by uIMPACT is based on proprietary methodology and long-standing expertise in the domain of sustainability development and impact investing.