webinar satt platform impact on the business

[Webinar]: SATT PLATFORM – Impact on the overall business performance

Discover the impact and benefits of SATT PLATFORM on the corporate management of the various resources and overall business performance



During the webinar, you will be able to take an inside look at the SATT PLATFORM – Advanced Track & Trace solution built on well-established Microsoft Azure technology.


Harnessing the Microsoft Azure technology, SATT PLATFORM applies incentives to the whole Track and Trace process, developing functionalities on the subsequent level. These exceptional functionalities go beyond global compliance, making an essential positive impact on the business and its overall performance.


The webinar aims to provide you with a general overview of the solution, covering the most crucial business topics.




Event details:


Date: 4 June 2024


Time: 10:00 AM (CET)


Language: English




Webinar`s Topics:


Solution Concept


Target Audience


Solution Impact 


Q&A session






Maria Docheva – Marketing Specialist @SoftGroup


Georgi Georgiev – Sales Development Representative @SoftGroup





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