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[Webinar]: Inside look of Pharma Track & Trace in Italy

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Understand completely what is up to you regarding the mandatory pharma track and trace requirements for Italy.


Are the upcoming mandatory track and trace requirements in Italy a hot topic for you?


If the answer is YES – this is your event. If the answer is NO – think twice >>


Because this event will help you to completely understand what is up to you regarding the mandatory labelling requirements for Italy!




At the beginning of 2024, the National Medicines Verification Organization Italy was established and since then it has monitored the next legislative steps and supports the upcoming institutional discussions. Less than a month after NMVO’s establishment, in February was published the “Legge di delegazione UE”, provided certain obligations concerning the implementation of the new system in Italy.


Having in mind that in less than a year the 6-year extension period for FMD (Falsified Medicines Directive) implementation in Italy will end, this is the ideal moment to understand how to be prepared without pointless disruptions and tensions.


As always, at first glance, all the requirements may look complicated. That`s why our experts are here. In the webinar we will start from the very beginning and will go through the whole process of serialization, meeting you with everything you need to know.


Get the whole picture and find the answers now!




Event details:


Date: 16 July 2024


Time: 10:00 AM (CET)


Language: English




Webinar`s Topics:


Road of Italy toward Traceability – From Bollino to GS1 2D Data Matrix and anti-tampering device



Stakeholders – Supply chain participants affected by the upcoming changes



Legislation General Overview “Legge di delegazione UE” – Obligations concerning the implementation of the new system in Italy



Track & Trace Requirements – Barcode requirements for serialization



Use cases – Examples of specific cases for a more clear and concreate understanding



Q&A session


You could send us your specific question before the event to the moderator at 

In this session, we will answer all questions received before and during the webinar.






Maria Docheva – Senior Marketing Specialist @SoftGroup


Mihail Ivanov – Regional Sales Manager @SoftGroup




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