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[Blog] Azerbaijan Serialization and Track & Trace (Latest Regulatory Update)

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Each day The Republic of Azerbaijan is getting closer to the successful implementation of the Track & Trace system






Azerbaijan introduced mandatory serialization of medicines from January 1, 2024. Since then the country has been working quite proactively on enhancing the Track & Trace system and achieving supply chain excellence.


To carry out real-time monitoring of all stages, from the production/import of medicines to their delivery to the final consumer, and to ensure safety and prevent smuggling of medicines, Azerbaijan has gradually introduced the ‘Tracking and Tracing System’ starting January 1, 2024.



DVTIS – General information about the reporting system


The Track & Trace system of medicines in Azerbaijan is the Dərman Vasitələrinin Təqib və İzləmə Sistemi (DVTIS). In the score of the system


Providing real-time monitoring of all stages from the production or import of medicines to their delivery to the final consumer, to ensure the safety of the circulation of medicines and prevent their smuggling, falls within the system’s scope. Regarding the implementation, it is planned in the timeline from 1 January 2024 till the end of the same year.


An information system for tracking and monitoring medicinal products (DVTIS) has been developed, which allows for electronic tracking of coded medicinal products according to the GS1 2D Data Matrix format. Participants in the circulation of medicines log into this System using the appropriate username and password. These user accounts are created on the basis of information provided by the relevant institutions of the “Tracking and Tracing of medicines Department”, which acts as the operator of the System.


Information on the system’s operation is available via video tutorials on the regulatory authority’s website:


The system allows for (1) the import of previously applied codes regulated by the European Union, the USA, India, and other countries; (2) the generation of codes for placement on packaging either directly during the production process or by stickering by the importer.




Serialization of medicines


In the list of products that required barcoding are the psychotropic and potent medicines, as well as the prescription pharmaceutical products.




Track & Trace Barcode requirements


According to regulations “Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan On application of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated July 24, 2023 No. 979, on amendments to the Decree No. 528 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated February 6, 2007“, dated August 15, 2023 No. 2298, and Law of the Azerbaijan Republic dated July 14, 2023, the serialization is mandatory.



2D Data Matrix


  • Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)
  • Expiry date
  • Batch/Lot
  • Serial number (SN)


Human-readable part


  • GTIN
  • Expiry date
  • Batch/Lot
  • Serial number (SN)


The aggregation barcoding requirements are not required yet but are expected.




Our experts will continue following the journey of Azerbaijan towards enhancement of the track and trace system (DVTIS). However, if you need more information regarding track and trace regulatory compliance in Azerbaijan, schedule a free consultation with our expert >>