SoftGroup provides the most flexible and scalable serialization software in the pharmaceutical industry. Since the digital transformation within the pharma industry is an ongoing process, many are looking for flexible and cost-friendly serialization solutions that will keep the business processes unaffected.
SoftGroup® SaTT system combines end-to-end serialization and aggregation software, hardware, and traceability software. It is considered the most advanced serialization solution due to the greater integration options and flexibility of its serialization software.

How SoftGroup helps pharmaceuticals to achieve global traceability compliance and discover the value beyond

Track and Trace solution from SoftGroup enables wide-scale benefits starting from the line level up to the regulatory.


  Always on-mode: Latest regulatory changes available & implemented

  Fast adaption to Client’s process requirements

  Flexibility & Compatibility to a wide range of Software, Hardware, Different Vendors solutions

  Various Architectural Options

  Smart Customized Internal & External Reports

  Customized Solution with User-Friendly Intuitive Interface

  Fast implementation, complete validation & documentation

  Flexible Term Contracts & Continuous Training

  Extended Maintenance Services

  Ongoing 24/7h Support during the production lifecycle

Serialization levels - SoftGroup