Sustainability commitment

  We commit to increase sustainable and responsible development, constantly seeking to improve the way we plan and carry out our activities, aiming to leave a positive footprint and a legacy – both for the present and the future.




Concepts like sustainability, responsibility and values are so often heard these days that they are in danger of becoming empty buzzwords. It is, therefore, more than essential to give serious thought to our standpoints, actions and values. Here, therefore, is the sustainable route that we, as a company, have already undertaken for some time, explaining how today it can offer even more significant insights to look at where we want to go and explain how we intend to do it.

softgroup sustainability commitment

Main Goals

We have identified objectives linked to our values, commitments and activities in line with the priorities set out
by the company and also compatible with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

sustainability goal industry innovation and infrastructure
sustainability goal responsible consumption and production
sustainability goal climate action
sustainability goal partnerships for the goals

Our Sustainable Working Model

Our sustainable working model is based on the constant evaluation, control and monitoring of the environmental, social and economic aspects associated with the activities and services provided.


To improve our software and optimize the management of services provided. To monitor the direct and indirect impact on the economy


To ensure compliance with the environmental legislation, prevent pollution by improving environmental performance (consumption of resources and control of indirect environmental aspects) derived from our operations). Implement and strengthen relationships with stakeholders by making them aware of the sustainability aspect


To guarantee the health and safety of our employees and suppliers. To avoid and prevent any form of discrimination (cultural, gender, religious)

The Result


IoT-based aggregation

Remote control of machines and real-time facility monitoring

Towards mid-2021, at SoftGroup, we have developed an advanced technology solution - IoT-based aggregation hardware with scalable and flexible software-as-a-service. It allows our customers to minimize infrastructure management effort, reduce up-front investment, and simultaneously get a high-quality solution.


Serialization intelligence

For real-time operational visibility

SoftGroup® OEE reporting solves the most common production challenges - to improve manufacturing visibility and performance with speed and cost-effectiveness, enabling customers to get instant access to the production data.


SoftGroup Academy

A new place to learn and grow

All resources are at disposal of all our customers and partners. Creating the platform, our main purpose was to support people` professional development because we’ve always placed a high value on educating our customers and helping them get the most value.

SoftGroup Sustainability Report 2023

This report marks the initial steps that we took towards sustainability – an evolving process and an ongoing challenge in which all of us,
companies and individuals, are called upon to contribute, thus becoming a part of the change.

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