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SoftGroup® FCLorigin is an innovative traceability technology that serves the entire ecosystem of the apparel industry to eliminate fakes from the market

The objective of SoftGroup is to track the lifecycle of each product from the apparel ecosystem in order to support manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and stores in their approach of transparency and traceability and to allow consumers for informed decision-making through indicators on the social and environmental conditions of production.


traceability footwear

Our technology combines Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning with GS1 traceability standard for the apparel industry

Why Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and GS1 Standards?

Big data analytics is playing a key role in empowering supply chain management. It spots several pain points at strategic, operational, and tactical levels. Big data is making an impact on all supply chain activities – from improving delivery times to reducing the communication gap between manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and consumers. Thus, minimizing the risk of the spread of fake goods on the market.

Machine learning makes it possible to discover patterns in supply chain data by relying on algorithms that quickly identify if a fake product had entered the market, while constantly learning in the process.

Our platform allows traceability of any clothing, footwear and leather goods providing the next level of security.

GS1 is a global traceability standard used in the food & healthcare industry. We developed the most advanced end-to-end traceability system for the apparel industry based on the GS1 framework. A well-defined and standardized traceability data protocol is critical to capture the full potential of any solution for business processes’ transparency and legibility.

traceability footwear

No temporary stickers that damage the product integrity are needed*

The SoftGroup® FCLorigin provides adaptable industry and product-specific marking and verification technology. It is identifier carrier-neutral, and IDs can be applied depending on customer-specific requirements:


  • On the original label
  • On an additional sticker
  • Directly on the primary package


The unique identifier marking is usually depending on a specific data carrier label (sticker), not applicable for all products on the shelves.



Cross-industry platform

The SaaS platform covers the entire value chain from manufacturer-to-retail addressing all unserved needs of apparel ecosystem



End-to-end traceability and transperancy

The first-in-class global textile, leather and footwear traceability system is based on proven GS1 Global standards



Security first

The secure SaaS platform for verification and early alerting prevent entering the fakes on the entire product lifecycle



Smart algorithms for early notification

The Machine Learning powered notification system detects the product along its entire supply chain and provides predictive alerting functionalities based on geolocation, advanced data analysis and aggregated data verification.



Plug & play implementation

The cloud-based platform guarantees the easy access from any device and can be easy itegrated with existing IT systems (ERP, WMS and others). End-customers can verify the authenticity of the product via free mobile app or via web-based service

traceability footwear
traceability footwear
traceability footwear


We Protect Your Brand, Products & Customers

Counterfeiting in the apparel industry has increased and impacts widely on every participant in the value chain. The spread of fakes has a harmful impact on manufacturers’ income, their brand reputation. Moreover, can expose on a risk people’s lives.

SoftGroup offers a cutting-edge anti-counterfeit solution designed to prevent the expansion of this worldwide problem.

FCLorigin offers a number of options for consumers and businesses. Consumer-facing options include a web-based platform for checking the information about products’ origin. Consumers can also scan a product barcode to access information about the product.


FCLorigin enables businesses to track the sustainability of their production chain. The platform also aims to find ways of improving social and environmental responsibility within a given supply chain. Using FCLorigin, distributors and wholesales access through a secure cloud service the information about the product they get, and then AI-driven photo-geolocalisation allows businesses to follow the production of particular garments in real-time to ensure that suppliers are following their procedures.

  • Minimize falsified products penetration
  • Shorten the value chain by increasing transparency
  • Protect the end-consumer by delivering safe and verified original product
  • Serve as a license to operate for legitimate business
  • Empower the brand promise and help smaller and new players to be recognized as high-quality producers
  • Increase distributors’ and retailers’ credibility
  • Achieve social responsibility by the end-user
  • Provide on the market an entirely new and advanced authenticity verification solution upgrading all the available concurrent solutions