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Does it sound familiar to you?

vendor big promises 1

“We will give you the world”


Oh, really! Would they?



The difference between “we will give the world” and “we will give the world that we could …” is crucial for the business


Have you been in a situation in which the sales representative promises you to obtain everything you imagine by implementing their track and trace solution?


Sometimes the Big Track and Trace Brands get stuck in their own trap of promises for customization and full adaptation to the existing processes. In the light of their business capabilities and greatly spread network, the end result is quite different from the promised one.

vendor big promises 2

The interface: Touchpoint, not the Pain point


Software interface have to be adapted to you, not you to it


The software’s interface is the touchpoint where the software’s effectiveness and the user comfort are crossing.


The user interface must be crisp, clear, and intuitive.


In other words, the software interface in pharmaceutical production is important to be limited to the number of things the people working on the production line need to remember to use it efficiently and effectively.

vendor big promises 3

“All Clients Are Important”*


*But Large Clients Matter More



Your vendor provider has to be your partner – there is no space for prioritization


Big Brand’s typical scenario: If I lose a client that’s generating 0.3% of my revenue, I will likely weather that storm just fine. But what will happen to me if a client generating 6% of my revenue switches suppliers?


And here comes the role of prioritizing.


Don’t be a victim of this perception. It doesn’t matter how preferred the solution provider is within the industry. It’s essential for you as a pharmaceutical company to feel that you are their No. 1 client.

vendor big promises 4

Long-term partnership = Endless nightmare


Sometimes long could be too long.



How does it sound “a 5- year obligatory contract with a mandatory advance notice”?


You are wondering what is the result of entering a long-term contract with a vendor without identifying if it is a good fit for your company?


In some cases, months in hampered data exchange among business networks, for example. It can significantly reduce your manufacturing power and become an endless nightmare for your business.

vendor big promises 6

“We will do it somewhen” or the traditional “Better late than never”


You are supposed to have technical support. In pharma industry – you are supposed to have technical support in real-time whenever you need it


Idle time. The worst word in the production. The time you are not producing any products or adding value to your business and customers. However, it happens, the real issue is how your vendor react to your downtimes?


For example, you have recently sent an email to the support center of a Track and Trace solution provider that works with your business. 24 hours and no answer’ later, you are sending a more critical text. And then BINGO, a week later you finally get the reply.


If this sounds familiar to you – it is a total red flag for you.


This is not the high standard you got as a promise when signing the contract. And even more – this could harm your manufacturing effectiveness.


The real-time response minimizes the risk of a meaningful production disruption. Besides saving costs and time, it corresponds to the valuable relations between business partners.

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