The Serialization Trend

Over the past few years, medicine counterfeiting has become more and more common around the world, even more so in the developing countries. To prevent this, regulatory bodies have issued policies forcing pharmaceutical companies to adopt serialization for their products. Considering the amount of technical know-how needed to address this issue, companies creating their own serialization solution in-house is essentially impossible. That’s where SoftGroup comes in – helping pharmaceutical manufacturing companies implement our solution, both on software and hardware ends.

Why Serialization

Compliance Driven Market – Most countries have a deadline for serialization within the next few years. So, a lot of pharmaceutical manufacturing companies are looking for serialization solutions worldwide, making the demand “fixed.”

Low Supply – Pharmaceutical serialization is a complex challenge. It requires specific know-how & expertise, that few companies possess, as well as years to develop the solution.

Large Projects – Adopting a serialization involves working with implementation and validation of both software and hardware, project management, end-user training and post-installation support. Considering the size of the company, the whole process can be lengthy.

A Time-Sensitive Opportunity

global serialization map, regulations

A lot of countries already have serialization in place, some are adopting it within the next few years. The time to enter the industry is now – when most companies already have a serialization solution, the chances of them switching providers are next to none, as the expenses can be too high.

Why SoftGroup

IT Expertise – Our serialization solution is backed by 12+ years of experience with working on complex IT projects.

Complete Solution – Working with multiple providers for one solution can be a bit tricky, which is why we offer both software and hardware for our clientele.

Systematic Approach – After signing the contract with our partners, we train them on our processes, all the way from sales to post-installation support. We meet potential clients together & support our partners in the offering process.

Flexibility – Depending on our partner’s specializations, different working arrangements can be made to ensure a successful collaboration.

A Growth Potential – In 2015, SoftGroup was recognized for being the fastest growing company in the region – and we’re planning on maintaining that.

The Opportunity

Do you…


have a working relationship with pharmaceutical manufacturing companies?



specialize in sales, implementation, and support?



plan on dedicating time and resources for a time-sensitive opportunity?


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