Cloud-based OEE reporting

Serialization intelligence for real-time operational visibility

Every stop (planned or caused by technical problems) in production raises questions and requires quick and reliable answers. That is why pharmaceutical manufacturers need important data and key figures in real-time. This helps the decision-makers to identify the weak points at a glance and to make an informed decision on how to improve the efficiency of production and packaging lines.

More than 75% of pharmaceutical companies believe that live monitoring of all unexpected or planned events across the serialized production can help them enhance their production power. 0
Up to 90% of the respondents from C-level management representatives, took part in SoftGroup's benchmark survey, identify the OEE reporting as a key factor for reducing the main loss factors and facilitating enhancement in productivity. 0

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What is SoftGroup® SaTT OEE Reporting?

SoftGroup® SaTT OEE Reporting is a cloud-based software that allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to increase production efficiency with real-time monitoring. The OEE software collects, stores, and visualizes data across your company.

The system offers important Performance Indicators (KPIs) in order to increase the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). The operational data of equipment from different lines or even plants can be compared to one single user interface. Apart from providing real-time analysis, the software also allows retrieving the historical data of each machine.

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oee reporting

The basis for smart decisions

Always up-to-date with SaaS solution


Better understand your business: past and real-time operational data, trends


 Reduce operational costs


Increase asset performance and drive production results

Security first


User interface: individualized and easy to understand


Become an active participant in real-time work streams


Easier realization of production targets

The OEE dashboards could be adapted, according to the customer-specific requirements. The user rights and roles could be also specified due to customer expectations.

Start using SoftGroup® SaTT OEE Reporting quickly

SoftGroup® SaTT OEE Reporting is a vendor-neutral solution. It is designed for easy deployment with the serialization system.

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