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Case resolved in 2 hours



Client Type: Pharma Manufacturer based in Europe



Issue: Issue with a drug content in medicines` packaging has entailed the need for timely actions.


bulb idea Solution: Our support team has found a solution to “park” the batch and to start a new one, creating the bulk product again.

Case resolved in 5 hours



Client Type: Contract Manufacturer (CMO) based in Europe



Issue: Impossibility of reporting two batches with the same batch number separately on an external system – client could not finish the batch correctly accordingly could not release the batch.


bulb idea Solution: Our support team has found a solution by figuring out how the external system worked, and has managed to create a custom message in order to report both batches.

Case resolved in 12 hours



Client Type: Pharma Manufacturer based in Europe 



Issue: No connection to EU Hub – impossibility of requesting serial numbers and reporting batches


bulb idea Solution: Our support team has found a solution to download and report the data through an external host and re-route the whole system temporarily until the issue was resolved completely.

What our customers are saying …

″We highly recommend SoftGroup as a reliable supplier of serialization, track and trace system and aggregation solutions. SoftGroup’s team has the expertise and experience required by the pharma industry to realize big and complex projects″


Peter Grigorov

Production Director, MC Pharma

″We had a 2 hours downtime on the line, and we made an internal investigation to find the reason. It turned out that SoftGroup’s support team responded on the 6th minute. To be honest, this is one of the best support services I have seen in my career.″


Adrian Dooley

Head of IT, Pinewood Healthcare

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