Track and Trace Software

Ensure visibility across the Supply Chain with SoftGroup Track and Trace software.

The supply chain visibility software provides full visibility of pharmaceutical products from the manufacturing process to the distribution of the medical products to the end consumer.

SoftGroup® SaTT Communication Cloud

This service ensures secured communication among the business partners and subcontractors (MAHs/CMOs and 3PLs). The automatic communication with the external customer interface as ERP, WMS and others could be provided according to the specific needs and the automatic serialization data exchange between the SoftGroup’ solution and other vendor’s systems for serialization.

SoftGroup® SaTT XML File Convertor

SoftGroup® SaTT XML File Convertor is a web-based service, which allows the user to convert different files formats into SoftGroup® SaTT XML format, which is needed during the communication with CMOs, 3PLs, etc. SoftGroup® SaTT XML File Convertor permits the files from different subcontractors’ systems to be easily adapted and to be updated through SoftGroup® SaTT PPD Reworking Station.

SoftGroup® SaTT sFTP Services

SoftGroup® SaTT sFTP Services is a web-based service for Level 4 connection between different participants. The process is the following: Special account and separate folders are created in the SoftGroup® SaTT sFTP server for respective participant. The participant has Inbox and Outbox folders. When one participant uploads the files, the other participant automatically receives the uploaded files. The connection is bi-direction. Each participant has possibility to upload files containing the results for the serialization data through their Outbox folder.

track and trace for visibility across the supply chain


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