We are SoftGroup

We Support Pharmaceutical Companies To Achieve Global Compliance

Who we are

SoftGroup is a software company that provides end-to-end traceability technology to the pharmaceutical industry – full-stack serialization and aggregation solutions from level 1 to level 5.

infographic softgroup development through years

Our vision

As a company with software-origin, we are driven by a passion for technology, competence, and development-orientation. Thus, we deliver innovative technologies and develop strong partnerships with our clients to create value-added together.


Going the extra mile by bringing an all-in-one system for all levels of the software (line-level software, enterprise-level software in the SaaS)

In-house development

The holistic approach (hardware, enterprise software, SaaS) allows the creation of more customized solutions that can have an exact fit in the client’s production


The seamless integration with various vendors boost the process efficiency by not overwhelming the client’s budget

How we work

Scope and Assessment

The first step defining the scope of the project, and fixing all the variables. It`s followed by a kick-off meeting and after all the details about the project are decided, we perform an on-site information gathering, in order to tweak our software to your specific situation.

Project Management

A SoftGroup representative is assigned to be the project manager. They will be responsible for coordinating with the client, helping them define their vision & turn it into a detailed plan with a timeline. Then, they make sure that the execution goes according to the initial plan.

Implementation Services

The site preparation review is based on the site preparation guide. This ensures that the site infrastructure has been completed in accordance with the project requirements.


We are also ready to assist with all aspects of system validation, including IQ and OQ execution for all software and devices.


SoftGroup provides comprehensive training for all customers. Training courses are mandatory for newcomers.

24/7 Technical support

In SoftGroup, we believe that customer care has its place in the heart of our company goal. That`s why our experienced support team ensures our clients with 24/7 support whenever they need advanced technical help for issues that can`t be self-resolved.

What makes us the perfect match?

Don’t want to make a 360-degree change in the production processes
Need one point of contact for all serialization and aggregation issues
Prefer the solution to be adapted to our current processes
Real-Time Response from 24/7 Support Center in case of disruption in the production process

We are on a click away

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Pharma Serialization, Aggregation and Track and Trace Software by SoftGroup

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