SoftGroup provides the most flexible and scalable serialization software in the pharmaceutical industry. Since the digital transformation within the pharma industry is an ongoing process, many are looking for flexible and cost-friendly serialization solutions that will keep the business processes unaffected.
SoftGroup® SaTT system combines end-to-end serialization and aggregation software, hardware, and traceability software. It is considered the most advanced serialization solution due to the greater integration options and flexibility of its serialization software.

Serialization and Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals

To minimize the spread of fake medicines and combat counterfeiting, many governments and representatives from the pharmaceutical industry stepped toward protecting people’s health and healthcare brands by making pharmaceutical track and trace technology a global standard in the early 2000s.

Many countries in the European Union, the United States of America and the Russian Federation have included serialization and traceability in their pharmaceutical product safety regulations, using the “global language” of GS1 standards.

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Pharmaceutical serialization is a process of assigning a unique serial number to each pharmaceutical package; goods can be identified and tracked throughout the entire pharmaceutical supply chain. Information, including the product origin, expiry date, and batch number, could be identified and associated with the serial number, enabling Track and Trace from the production cycle to the end user.  Pharmaceutical serialization and traceability can standardize and harmonize operational processes across manufacturers, parallel distributors, importers, warehouses, 3PLs, hospitals, and pharmacies resulting in a synchronized workflow.

Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals

Track and trace is a process related to determining a drug’s current and past locations. When track and trace are correctly implemented, a drug can be tracked throughout the supply chain and traced back up the supply chain upon return or recall.  In other words, Track and trace systems enable authorities and those working within the supply chain to identify where specific medicines are. This includes a drug’s current and previous locations.

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