Serialization, Aggregation and Track & Trace (SATT) platform for pharmaceutical companies

SATT PLATFORM® is a comprehensive SaaS solution that offers end-to-end traceability and compliance to pharmaceutical companies while leveraging state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure design.


The SATT PLATFORM® enables the seamless integration of pharmaceutical serialization and aggregation into production processes, significantly reduces supply chain complexity, and ensures full compliance across both mature & emerging track and trace regulatory environments.

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Harnessing the power of Microsoft Azure

To ensure high availability, maximum security and seamless scalability, the SATT PLATFORM® is hosted on the future-ready Microsoft Azure cloud environment. Given Microsoft Azure`s security-first approach to design and development of its cloud offering, SATT PLATFORM® provides:

satt platform microsoft azure  Data Security


Exceptional reliability and performance metrics, scalability on demand, data backup and disaster recovery capabilities, secure identity & access management and many more mission-critical features that pharmaceutical companies can fully rely on and benefit from.



satt platform microsoft azure  Effectiveness Through Innovation


SaaS-based approach to managing serialization and aggregation production processes provides an efficient and cost-effective business model, enabling pharmaceutical companies to streamline their existing processes.



satt platform microsoft azure  Embedded Software


5-step integration framework outlines its adaptability to existing production equipment, business processes and IT systems without major customization and implementation efforts.

satt platform microsoft azure solution