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SoftGroup is a trusted partner of various pharmaceutical manufacturers and MAHs. From Big Pharma with numerous sites and production lines to MAH with no production, working only with subcontractors.


What is MAH?

Marketing authorisation holder (MAH) is a company or other legal entity that has the authorisation to market a medicine in one, several or all European Union Member States.

We provide solutions for different Contract Manufacturing and Contract Packing organizations ensuring a secured connections with all their subcontractors.


What is CMO?

Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) is a company that provides drug development and drug manufacturing services in the pharmaceutical industry on a contract basis.


What is 3Pls?

Third Party Logistics (3Pls) is the outsourcing of all or parts of a company’s supply chain management functions such as warehousing, fulfillment and/or transportation services to a 3rd party company.

As a software company which provides a full range of serialization and track & trace services, SoftGroup has specialized solutions which cover the requirement of the specific businesses.


What is Parallel Distributor?

Parallel distributor is a company that manage the distribution of a centrally authorized medicinal product from one Member State to another by a pharmaceutical company independent of the marketing-authorization holder.

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In our 19 years of experience, we are recognized as a reliable partner of many pharmaceutical companies from all over the world. We develop strong partnerships with our clients to create value-added together, delivering innovative technologies to them and providing high-quality Track & Trace software and hardware solutions fully adapted to their specific business needs.

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