Regulatory Compliance Software

SoftGroup® SaTT EU Hub Gateway

offers an upload/update of PMD (Product Master Data) and PPD (Product Pack Data) to the EU HUB (EMVO). Via this Cloud solution, the MAH / Parallel distributor could select which serialized batch should be reported to EMVO. The system allows status verification of any reported serial number and supports all possible statuses according the URS document designed by EMVO: active, expired, stolen, decommissioned, supplied, exported, recalled, withdrawn, destroyed, free sample, sample for NCA, locked. After transmission of data (from EMVO to the National Blueprint system), there will be confirmation message sent to the source system. SoftGroup® SaTT EU Hub Gateway will also support all incoming messages (alerts) from EMVS.


  • Product Master Data – Create/Upload/ Update Product Master Data
  • Product Pack Data – Create/Upload/ Update product pack data
  • Pack status update (all statuses according to the EMVO transitions rules)
  • Request report
  • Incoming messages (alerts and notifications) from EMVS
  • User rights depending of groups membership

SoftGroup® SaTT RU Hub Gateway

provides a connection between the Site level and IS MDLP (Chestny ZNAK track & trace digital system) allowing an exchange of information about each product. The application allows MAHs, Manufacturers and Parallel Importers to upload the product information, to request and receive the cryptographic protection (crypto key and crypto signature for each serial number) and to report serialization and aggregation numbers (SNs & SSCCs) to IS MDLP, concerning the Decree № 1556 and № 1118. The system supports all possible statuses and functionality, required by MDLP. This data exchange is realized by using web services.



  • Commission / Decommission unit/multi pack
  • Aggregation / Deaggregation / Relabelling (Reaggregation)
  • Quality shipment / QC Release
  • Shipment / Receipt / Transfer
  • Import / Export
  • Withdrawal / Recall
  • Destruction / Move Destruction
  • Processing / Query result
  • Notifications (receive/move order, move owner, refusal sender/receiver, retail)

SoftGroup® SaTT Communication Cloud

This service ensures secured communication among the business partners and subcontractors (MAHs/CMOs and 3PLs). The automatic communication with the external customer interface as ERP, WMS and others could be provided according to the specific needs and the automatic serialization data exchange between the SoftGroup’ solution and other vendor’s systems for serialization.

SoftGroup® SaTT XML File Convertor

SoftGroup® SaTT XML File Convertor is a web-based service, which allows the user to convert different files formats into SoftGroup® SaTT XML format, which is needed during the communication with CMOs, 3PLs, etc. SoftGroup® SaTT XML File Convertor permits the files from different subcontractors’ systems to be easily adapted and to be updated through SoftGroup® SaTT PPD Reworking Station.

SoftGroup® SaTT sFTP Services

SoftGroup® SaTT sFTP Services is a web-based service for Level 4 connection between different participants. The process is the following: Special account and separate folders are created in the SoftGroup® SaTT sFTP server for respective participant. The participant has Inbox and Outbox folders. When one participant uploads the files, the other participant automatically receives the uploaded files. The connection is bi-direction. Each participant has possibility to upload files containing the results for the serialization data through their Outbox folder.

SoftGroup® SaTT Site Controller  (cloud-based)

SoftGroup® SaTT Batch Management is a web-based service which allows the user to create and update serialization and/or aggregation batches, and to import the set of serial and aggregation numbers, generated by SoftGroup® SaTT SNX Management and SoftGroup® SaTT SSCC Management services. For the batch should be specified exact line and the serialization and aggregation templates, which should be chosen. When all data is filled and approved, the batch will be ready for the production process on the respective line.

SoftGroup® SaTT SNX Management

SoftGroup® SaTT SNX Management is a web-based service which allows the user to generate serial numbers for given product. The proposed service is capable to create the pool and to generate sequential or randomized serial numbers. The user have an option to create special template with rules for serial number generation. The generated serial numbers could be downloaded in XML file format, containing the batch data. SNX Management guarantees the uniqueness of each generated SN for a given GTIN.

SoftGroup® SaTT SSCC Management

SoftGroup® SaTT SSCC Management is a web-based service which allows the user to generate aggregation sequential numbers. SSCC Management guarantees the uniqueness of each generated aggregation number.

SoftGroup® SaTT PPD Reworking Station

SoftGroup® SaTT PPD Reworking Station is a web-based service which allows the user to modify and update information (in XML format) for serialization and aggregation numbers for each batch. The service provides a possibility to decommission single serial number or set of serial numbers, entered manually or by scanning.


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