Pharma serialization software

Pharmaceutical serialization is a process of assigning a unique serial number to each pharmaceutical package, goods can be identified and tracked throughout the entire pharmaceutical supply chain. Information including the product origin, expiry date, and the batch number could be identified and associated with the serial number, enabling Track and Trace from the production cycle to the end-user. Serialization and traceability can standardize and harmonize operational processes across manufacturers, parallel distributors, warehouses, 3PLs, hospitals and pharmacies resulting in a synchronized workflow.

Enterprise software

SoftGroup® SaTT Site Controller

SoftGroup® SaTT Site Controller is a centralized system for management of the serialization process on the production line.



  • Nomenclatures (Management of devices, lines, templates for serialization and aggregation)
  • Create / update / approve batches – EBR (Electronic Batch records)
  • Create / update batch data for serialization and aggregation levels
  • Update statuses of the batches
  • Generate/Import serial numbers
  • Generate/Import SSCC for case and pallet level
  • Export batch and serial numbers (to subcontractors)
  • Import the result from subcontractors
  • Reports (from Line level) – Batch info report and Audit trail
  • Audit trail (Site level)

SoftGroup® SaTT Line Controller

SoftGroup® SaTT Line Controller is a software installed on a serialization machine, which controls the process of printing and verifying process of the printed templates with and without serialization for each batch.



  • Handle serialized and non-serialized items
  • Import batch data and serial numbers
  • Guarantees serial number uniqueness at each printed serialized barcodes (1D or 2D)
  • Rework functionality is produced – possibility to decommission the serial number with the respective reason
  • Provide different kind of reports
  • Includes automated backups, data consolidation and synchronization with Site Level
  • Unlimited number of users are supported
  • The system rejects an unaccepted during verification process carton with respective reason
  • The system is reporting all alarms of the devices (camera, printer, PLC etc.)
  • Displaying on the operating screen an information about status of devices, batch information; statistics and reports
    GS1 standard code and Annex 11 compatible
Software which controls the serialization processes in line level


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